Volume 4, Issue 8, August 2011

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3D Analysis of an Irregular-Geometry Foundation under the Effects of an Expansive Soil  | 
J. Horta Rangel, A. Zepeda Garrido, E. Rojas Gonzalez, T. Lopez Lara, L. Perez Rea, Hernandez J. Zaragoza 854-858
Impact of Satellite Derived Winds and Cumulus Physics during the Occurrence of the Tropical Cyclone Phyan  | 
Jagabandhu Panda, R. K. Giri, K. H. Patel, A. K. Sharma, R. K. Sharma 859-875
Adjustment of PSS in a Multi Machine Power System Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Technique  | 
Mehdi Nikzad, Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani, Mohammad Bigdeli Tabar, Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi, Ali Javadian 876-880
Multi-Machine Power System Stabilizer Adjustment Using Genetic Algorithms  | 
Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani, Mehdi Nikzad, Mohammad Bigdeli Tabar, Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi, Ali Javadian 881-885
Multi-Machine Power System Stabilizer Adjustment Using Simulated Annealing  | 
Shoorangiz Shams Shamsabad Farahani, Mehdi Nikzad, Mohammad Bigdeli Tabar, Mehdi Ghasemi Naraghi, Ali Javadian 886-889
Optimum Conditions for the Removal of Colour from Waste Water by Mango Seed Shell Based Activated Carbon  | 
G. D. Akpen, I. L. Nwaogazie, T. G. Leton 890-894
Assessment of with-in Breed Diversity in Hallikar Cattle (Bos indicus) through Microsatellite Markers  | 
M. ChandraShekar, J. Usha Kumari, S. M. K. Karthickeyan, R. Muthezhilan 895-898
Estimation of Runoff for Red Hills Watershed Using SCS Method and GIS  | 
G. B. Geena, P. N. Ballukraya 899-902
Vehicular Growth and its Management: Visakhapatnam City in India - a Case Study  | 
S. S. S. V. Gopala Raju, K. V. G. D. Balaji, K. Durga Rani 903-906
Effect of Injection Pressure on Diesel Engine Performance with Sea Lemon Oil  | 
V. S. Hariharan, K. Vijayakumar Reddy 907-909
Degree of Association of Industrial Noise with the Heavy Earth Moving Machineries in a Chromite Mining Complex at Odisha, India  | 
S. Kerketta, R. Gartia, J. K. Tewari, S. Bagh 910-914
Study of Contraceptive Practices and Reasons for not Accepting Contraceptives in Rural India: Chanai Village as a Case Study  | 
Sujata K. Murarkar, S. G. Soundale, R. N. Lakade 915-916
Use of Crushed Rock Powder as Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Mortar and Concrete  | 
Nagabhushana, H. Sharada Bai 917-922
Exponentiated Exponential Models for Survival Data  | 
P. Venkatesan, N. Sundaram 923-930
Antimicrobial Protein Production by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens MBL27: Optimization of Culture Conditions Using Taguchi's Experimental Design  | 
K. Vijayalakshmi, A. Premalatha, G. Suseela Rajakumar 931-937
Graph Labeling in Competition Graph  | 
E. Bala, K. Thirusangu 938-943
Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring a Patient's Physical Conditions Continuously Using Zigbee  | 
P. Ramanathan, Pradip Manjrekar 944-946
Multistage Implementation of Multirate CIC Filters  | 
Anil Singh, Poonam Singhal, Rajeev Ratan 947-951
An Investigation of Nonlinear KdV Type Equations Using HPM and VIM  | 
H. Goodarzian, M. Ghobadi, M. A. Farahabadi, H. Mohammadnezhad, S. S. Hejazi 952-956
Slot Coupled H-plane Tee Junction Analysis  | 
G. Karunakar, K. Phani Kumar 957-959
Vibration Analysis of Composite Laminated Plates Using Higher-Order Shear Deformation Theory with Zig-Zag Function  | 
J. Suresh Kumar, T. Dharma Raju, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy 960-966
Utility of FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis of Saliva of Diabetic Pregnant Women in each Trimester  | 
R. Raziya Sultana, S. N. Zafarullah, N. Hephzibah Kirubamani 967-970
Learning Difficulties of 'Object-oriented Programming Paradigm Using Java': Students' Perspective  | 
M. Sivasakthi, R. Rajendran 983-985
Analysis of Financial Markets and Investment Development Strategies in Agricultural Sector of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province of Iran  | 
Yaghoub Ansari, Seyed-Ali Hosseini-Yekani, Seyed-Mohammad Mahdavinia 986-989
A Study of the Necessity for Constructing New Towns in Iran Urban System  | 
Seyed Majid Seyed Fatemi, Nader Zali 990-994
Schizophrenia and Artificial Schizophrenia  | 
Shahnam Abolghasemi, Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh 995-999
The Prevention of Drug Abuse, Methods, Challenges and Researches  | 
Mohammad Sourizaei, Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh, Ramnaz Raisifard 1000-1003
Archaeogenetics: Advent of Genetics in Field of Archaeology  | 
M. Montazer Zohouri, K. Niknami 1004-1007
Lactobacillus Sp. as Probiotics for Human Health with Special Emphasis on Colorectal Cancer  | 
D. Gayathri, Asha, T. N. Devaraja 1008-1014


Lipase Biodiversity  | 
Kishore J. Patil, Manojkumar Z. Chopda, Raghunath T. Mahajan 971-982

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