Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2012

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Higher Involvement of Subtelomere Regions for Chromosome Rearrangements in Leukemia and Lymphoma and in Irradiated Leukemic Cell Line  | 
Kimio Tanaka, Natarajan Gajendran, Hideki Asaoku, Taichi Kyo, Nanao Kamada 1801-1811
Security Constrained Generation Scheduling Using Harmony Search Optimization Case Study: Day-ahead Heat and Power Scheduling  | 
Mohammad Sadegh Javadi, Sara Sabramooz, Amin Javadinasab 1812-1820
Gravitational Search Algorithm for Optimization of Retaining Structures  | 
Mohammad Khajehzadeh, Mahdiyeh Eslami 1821-1827
Photodecolorization of Direct Yellow 86 (2-solamine) by Using Zinc Oxide Nanosized Deposited on Glass Beads  | 
H. R. Ebrahimi, M. Modrek, S. Joohari 1828-1830
Methods of Analysing Missing Values in a Regression Model  | 
U. P. Ogoke, E. C. Nduka 1831-1833
Experimental Methodology to Assess Migration of Iodide Ion through Bentonite-sand Backfill in a near Surface Disposal Facility  | 
C. Gurumoorthy, O. Kusakabe 1834-1839
Evaluation of Growth, Yield and Fruit Characteristics of Five Apple Cultivars on "Gutingen V" System during 2006-2008  | 
Ahmad Dadashpour, Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Zahra Fallah Shojaie, Mohammad Reza Dodangeh 1840-1843
Effects of M9 and MM106 Rootstocks on Agromorphological Characteristics of 'Golab Kohanz' and 'Delbarstival' Apple Cultivars in Abhar Region of Iran  | 
Mohammad Reza Dodangeh, Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Zeinab Hamzehei, Ahmad Dadashpour 1844-1847
The Best Application Time and Dose of Herbicide for Optimum Weed Management in Two Red Bean Cultivars  | 
Saeed Mafakheri, Meisam Zargar, Kiumars Fakhri 1848-1850
Object Tracking Based on Estimation Mesh Method  | 
Mahdi Ghasemi Naraghi, Mahdi Koohi, Hamed Sarbazy 1851-1854
Study of Structural and Optical Properties of ZnS:Cr Nanoparticles Synthesized by Co-precipitation Method  | 
A. Rahdar, H. Asnaasahri Eivari, R. Sarhaddi 1855-1858
Generalized Robust Statistics Method for Estimating Average Length of Stay in Hospitals  | 
B. Senthilkumar, R. Ramakrishnan 1859-1862
Optimization of Embankments by Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm  | 
Amin Rezaeean, Alireza Mirzaei, Ali Khozein 1863-1869
Treatment of Flower Farm Wastewater Effluents Using Constructed Wetlands in Lake Naivasha, Kenya  | 
Rosemary W. Kimani, Benson M. Mwangi, Cecilia M. Gichuki 1870-1878
Synthesis and Study on Effect of Various Chemical Conditions on the Swelling Property of Collagen-g-poly(AA-co-IA) Superabsorbent Hydrogel  | 
Mohammad Sadeghi, Nahid Ghasemi 1879-1884
Antibacterial and Antioxidant Investigations of Hallea ledermannii Leaf Extract  | 
S. Adeleke Adesegun, N. Emmanuel Anyika, T. Oluseyi Adekoya, S. Godwin Essien 1885-1887
Vortex Flow Analysis of a Large Segmented Solid Rocket Motor  | 
Prahalad N. Tengli, C. S. Ramesh, K. Viswanathan, R. Saravanan 1888-1892
Chemical Functionalization of Silica Gel with 2-((3-silylpropylimino) Methyl) Phenol (spimp) and its Application for Solid Phase Extraction and Preconcentration of Fe (III), Pb (II), Cu (II), Ni (II), co (II) and Zn (II) Ions  | 
K. Mortazavi, M. Ghaedi, M. Roosta, M. Montazerozohori 1893-1900
Effects of Salinity on some Physiological Traits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars  | 
E. Akbari Ghogdi, A. Izadi-Darbandi, A. Borzouei 1901-1906
Partitioning Water Potential and Specific Salt Effects on Seed Germination of Kochia scoparia  | 
Azam Borzouei 1907-1909
Some New Types of Stabilizers in BL-algebras and their Applications  | 
R. A. Borzooei, A. Paad 1910-1915
Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on Yield of Thymus daenensis in Dry Condition  | 
Ali Shams, Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Safoora Asadi Kapourchal, Mohammad Aslanpour 1916-1920
Evaluation of Deficit Irrigation Management, Nitrogen Levels, and Seed Priming Simultaneously, on some Properties of Hybrid Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)  | 
Ali Haji Mohammadi, Reza Zarghami, Ali Kashani, Saeede Haji Zade, Ehsan Gholami Saman, Sarvin Nikpouri 1921-1923
Assessing the Effect of Different Levels of NAA and Time on Dracaena sanderiana (lucky Bamboo)  | 
Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Jafar Mohammadi, Soodabeh Shahmohammadi, Safoora Asadi Kapourchal 1924-1927
Macrofungal Diversity in Moist Temperate forests of Garhwal Himalaya  | 
M. P. Vishwakarma, R. P. Bhatt, Sweta Joshi 1928-1932
Effect of Different Chemical Fertilizers on Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.)  | 
Saeedeh Khaghani, Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Saeedeh Mafakheri, Mohammad Aslanpour 1933-1835
Wound Healing Property of Aqueous Extract of Seed and Outer Layer of Momordica Charantia L. on Albino Rats  | 
Rajaram Prashanthi, Natarajan Mohan, Ganesan Vijayan Siva 1936-1940
Finding Aptitude in Post-graduates in Educational Management Course in Statistics by the Means of Evaluating the Multiple Intelligence Factors (case Study of Azad University- GARMSAR Branch)  | 
Hadi Rezghi Shirsavar, Mir Mohammad Moosavi 1941-1945
Energy-cost Analysis of Alternative Sources to Electricity in Nigeria  | 
Simolowo Oluwafunbi Emmanuel, Oladele Samuel 1946-1952
Response of Spinach (spinacia Oleracea) Yield and Nutrient Uptake to Urea and Manure  | 
Esmail Babakhanzade Sajirani, Mohammad Javad Shakouri, Saeed Mafakheri 1953-1955
The Measurement of Service Quality by Using Servqual and Quality Gap Model  | 
Sahar Siami, Mohammadbagher Gorji 1956-1960
The Impact of Spirituality on Work Performance  | 
Habibollah Javanmard 1961-1966
Microbial Quality of Food Products Sold by Self Help Group Women of Informal Sectors in Tamilnadu State, India  | 
B. Gowri, K. P. Vasantha Devi 1967-1969
Conservation of Historic Urban Core in Traditional Islamic Culture: Case Study of Isfahan City  | 
Ali Assari, T. M. Mahesh, Erfan Assari 1970-1976
Biodegradation of Paints: a Current Status  | 
H. R. Ravikumar, Shwetha S. Rao, C. S. Karigar 1977-1987

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