Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2013

Table of Contents


Study of Thermal Comfort in a Room with Windows at Adjacent Walls along with Additional Vents  | 
D. Prakash, P. Ravikumar 4659-4669
Wavelet Solution for Class of Nonlinear Integro-differential Equations  | 
S. G. Venkatesh, S. K. Ayyaswamy, S. Raja Balachandar, K. Kannan 4670-4677
Study on Features, Statistics, and Security Measures of Portable Operating System  | 
B. Murali Krishna, B. Santhi 4678-4682
Antiviral Activity of Vicoa indica against Herpes Simplex Virus  | 
A. M. Sabitha Rani, K. Murugesan 4683-4686
Fuzzy Retraction of Fuzzy Space Time  | 
A. E. El-Ahmady, A. Al-Rdade 4687-4696
Carrier Synchronization in Software Defined Radio using Costas Loop  | 
A. Priya, N. Rajesh, R. Muthaiah 4697-4701
A Comprehensive Method for Optimum Sizing of Hybrid Energy Systems using Intelligence Evolutionary Algorithms  | 
Ahmad Rouhani, Hossein Kord, Mahdi Mehrabi 4702-4712
Frequency Optimization in FAMPLC Technique for Point to Multipoint Control and Monitoring of Remote Applications  | 
A. Nazem, M. R. Arshad 4713-4721

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