Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2013

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Investigation of Culture Filtrate of Endophytic Fungi Nigrospora Sp. Isolate Rs 10 in Different Concentrations towards Root-knot Nematode Meloidogyne Spp.  | 
Nur Amin 5177-5181
Digital Circuit Design using Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Assisted by Genetic Algorithm  | 
Hamid Reza Nikoui, Mohadeseh Semsari 5182-5188
Performance Analysis of a Three Level Twelve-pulse VSC based STATCOM under Fault Condition  | 
Snehasish Pal, S. P. Ray, Deepjyoti Dasgupta, Labani Chongdar 5189-5194
Categorization of Respiratory Signal using ANN and SVM based on Feature Extraction Algorithm  | 
T. Jayasri, M. Hemalatha 5195-5200
An Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach to Peak Load Demand Forecasting  | 
Victor Okolobah, Zuhaimy Ismail 5201-5207
Design and Fabrication of a Cool Box for Passenger Car using Automotive Air-conditioning System  | 
A. K. M. Parvez Iqbal, M. M. Rahman 5208-5215
Fuzzy Translation and Fuzzy Multiplication in BF/BG-algebras  | 
M. Chandramouleeswaran, P. Muralikrishna, S. Srinivasan 5216-5219
Micro-mechanics of Foam using Unit Cell (Closed Cell) Approach  | 
G. Venkatachalam 5220-5222
Inter-relationship and Path Analysis in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Sodicity  | 
M. Gopikannan, S. K. Ganesh 5223-5227
Effect of Sinusoidal Thickness Variation on Vibrations of Non-homogeneous Parallelogram Plate with Bi-linearly Temperature Variations  | 
Anupam Khanna, Pratibha Arora 5228-5234
A New Approach for Solving the Unit Commitment Problem by Cuckoo Search Algorithm  | 
Alireza Gharegozi, Rozbeh Jahani 5235-5241
Chemical Constituents and Comparative Toxicity of Aspilia africana (Pers) C. D ADAMS LEAF Extracts Against Two Leafspot Fungal Isolates of PAW-PAW (Carica papaya L.)  | 
E. M. Ilondu 5242-5248
Homology Groups and Foldings on Buchdahi Space  | 
A. E. El-Ahmady, M. Abu-Saleem 5249-5256
Machining Model of 34CrMo4 Steel with Several Tools using Response Surface Methodology  | 
A. Poursafar, A. Amrollahi, H. Barghikar 5257-5262
Influence of Pretreatments and Prepackaging on Post Harvest Shelf Life of Underutilized Fruits (Star Fruit, Egg Fruit and Fig)  | 
P. Adiyaman, S. Kanchana, G. Hemalatha, M. Ananthan, N. O. Gopal, M. Ilamaran 5263-5270
Design and Building of a Fast-acting and Intelligent Lifting System of Submerged Objects  | 
Mahmoud Salari, M. B. Zarouj Shabani, M.Hemmat Esfe 5271-5276
Meson Spectra in p + p Collisions at LHC  | 
P. K. Khandai, B. Parida, P. Shukla, S. N. Nayak, V. Singh 5277-5280
A Reliability Model for a Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine Unit Considering Auxiliary Components  | 
Mahdi Maaref, Hasan Monsef, Maziar Karimi 5281-5288

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