Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2013

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Editorial Note

Editorial  | 
Prof. Natarajan Gajendran v-v


Thermal Management of Ethernet Switch Box  | 
G. Venkata Subbaiah, Y. Suresh Reddy, K. Vijay Kumar Reddy 5289-5292
Thermal Design of Attendant Control Panel for Avionics through CFD  | 
G. Venkata Subbaiah, Y. Suresh Reddy, K. Vijay Kumar Reddy 5293-5297
Identification of Efficient Cropping Zone for Rice, Maize and Groundnut in Tamil Nadu  | 
S. Kokilavani, V. Geethalakshmi 5298-5301
Molecular Characterization of Meghalaya Local Pigs (Niang Megha) using Microsatellite Markers  | 
G. Zaman, M. Chandra Shekar, A. Aziz 5302-5306
Ontological Model of Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) Participation: a Case of Research Group Community in Higher Learning Institution  | 
Siti Hajar Abdul Razak, Zeti Darleena Eri, Rusli Abdullah, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad 5307-5315
Mathematical Model for Predicting Thrust Force in Drilling of GFRP Composites by Multifaceted Drill  | 
T. V. Rajamurugan, K. Shanmugam, K. Palanikumar 5316-5324
Weathering Server System Operations  | 
D. Pawar, S. C. Malik, Reetu 5325-5330
Data Envelopment Analysis to Estimate Technical and Scale Efficiency of Farms in Periyar-Vaigai Irrigation System of Tamil Nadu, India  | 
M. Umanath, D. David Rajasekar 5331-5336
Genetic Divergence Studies in Clusterbean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.] Genotypes  | 
A. Manivannan, C. R. Anandakumar 5337-5341
Behavior Based High Performance Protocol for MANET  | 
Md. Amir Khusru Akhtar, G. Sahoo 5342-5350
On Properties of PN Sequences generated by LFSR – a Generalized Study and Simulation Modeling  | 
Afaq Ahmad, Sayyid Samir Al-Busaidi, Mufeed Juma Al-Musharafi 5351-5358
Computing and Listing of Number of Possible m-Sequence Generators of Order n  | 
A. Ahmad, S. S. Al-Busaidi, M. Awadalla, M. A. K. Rizvi, N. Mohanan 5359-5369
Estimation and Evaluation of Change in Software Quality at a Particular Stage of Software Development  | 
Ekbal Rashid, Srikanta Patnayak, Vandana Bhattacherjee 5370-5379
Thematic Integration Approach for Watershed and Land Management  | 
K. Ramamohan Reddy, R. Srirama Murthy, Rajesh S. Patode 5380-5385
Physicochemical, Functional, Pasting Properties and Nutritional Composition of Selected Black Gram (Phaseolus mungo L.) Varieties  | 
B. Kavitha, G. Hemalatha, S. Kanchana, S. P. Sundaram, K. Sivasubramaniam 5386-5394
Qualitative Land Suitability Evaluation for the Growth of Rice and Off-seasons Crops as Rice Based Cropping System on Paddy Fields of Central Guilan, Iran  | 
Shahram Mahmoud Soltani, M. M. Hanafi, M. T. Karbalaei, B. Khayambashi 5395-5403

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