Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2014

Table of Contents


Analyzing Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Algebra using Confirmatory Factor Analysis  | 
Siti Mistima Maat, Effandi Zakaria 249–253
Application of Elaeis guineensis Leaves in Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment  | 
Aziela Latif, Afiza Abdullah Suhaimi, Rohayu Ahmmad Romzay 254–261
Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization (CLPSO) for Multi-objective Optimal Power Flow  | 
Meysam Rahmati, Reza Effatnejad, Amin Safari 262–270
Numerical Solution of Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Brownian Motion through Block Pulse Functions  | 
R. Ezzati, M. Khodabin, Z. Sadati 271–275
Improving the Energy/Power Consumption of Parallel Decimal Multipliers  | 
Amin Malekpour, Alireza Ejlali 276–281
Secure Authentication and Key Management Protocols for Mobile Multihop WiMAX Networks  | 
A. S. Khan, N. Fisal, Z. A. Bakar, N. Salawu, W. Maqbool, R. Ullah, H. Safdar 282–295
Domination of Constrained Application Protocol: A Requirement Approach for Optimization of Internet of Things in Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
P. Madhumitha, B. Johnsema, D. Manivannan 296–300
Energy Efficient Hierarchical Unequal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
B. Baranidharan, S. Srividhya, B. Santhi 301–305
Positional Connected Component Labeling Algorithm  | 
G. Gayathri Devi, C. P. Sumathi 306–311
Possibility and Necessity Measures to Enhance Reliability and Cooperation in MANETS  | 
Anoop J. Sahoo, Md. Amir Khusru Akhtar 312–317
Product on Intuitionistic Fuzzy β-sub Algebras of β-algebras  | 
K. Sujatha, P. Muralikrishna, M. Chandramouleeswaran 318–322
Lossless Audio Steganography based on Lifting Wavelet Transform and Dynamic Stego Key  | 
Haider Ismael Shahadi, Razali Jidin, Wong Hung Way 323–334
Studying the Vulnerability of Steel Moment Resistant Frames Subjected to Progressive Collapse  | 
Mojtaba Hosseini, Nader Fanaie, Amir Mohammad Yousefi 335–342
A Novel Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network based Recognition for Kurdish Manuscript  | 
Behnam Zebardast, Isa Maleki, Awat Maroufi 343–351
ZigBee- based Wireless Electronic Scale and its Network Performance Analysis for the Application of Smart Billing System in Super Markets  | 
R. Sivakumar, A. Maheswari, P. Pushpa 352–359
Effect of Visual Merchandising on Apparel Impulse Buying Behaviors among Iranian Young Adult Females  | 
Meysam Moayery, Samar Zamani, Hosein Vazifehdoost 360–366
Analysis of Saliva and Serum of Normal and Anomalies Pregnant Women - Folic Acid Deficiency using FTIR Spectroscopy  | 
R. Raziya Sultana, S. N. Zafarullah, N. Hephzibah Kirubamani 367–373
Implementation and Evaluation of SIFT Descriptors based Finger-Knuckle-Print Authentication System  | 
E. S. Shameem Sulthana, S. Kanmani 374–382
Dielectric Studies of Lanthanum and Cerium Doped Sulphamic Acid Single Crystals  | 
B. Kannan, P. R. Seshadri, K. Ilangovan, P. Murugakoothan 383–386

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