Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2014

Table of Contents


Applicability of Specific Trend's Consistency of Full Hydrogenation  | 
Muhammad Yusuf Ritonga 387-395
Application of Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique for Estimation of Width Using Pulse Echo Ultrasonic Testing  | 
Sujatha Kumaran, B. Sheela Rani 396-400
Black Hole Attacks Detection by Invalid Ip Addresses in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  | 
Reza Amiri, Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Ehsan Khosravi 401-408
Seismic Safety Evaluation of Tabriz Historical Citadel Using Finite Element and Simplified Kinematic Limit Analyses  | 
Majid Pouraminian, Mahmood Hosseini 409-417
Does Tubal Sterilization Offer a Permanent Solution?  | 
N. Hephzibah Kirubamani 418-420
Tuberculosis Disease Classification Using Genetic-neuro Expert System  | 
P. V. Geetha, R. A. Lukshmi, P. Venkatesan 421-425
Delaunay Edge Detection Using Modified Star formation in Two Dimensional Data  | 
R. Mukunthan, N. Sairam 426-429
Multi Agent Electronic Cargo Terminal System  | 
Saeed. K. Amirgholipour, Aboosaleh. M. Sharifi, Mehdi Alirezanejad, Ali Hasiri, Farshid MohammadZadeh 430-438
A Petri Net-based Approach for Event Detection in Pedestrian Crossing Sequence  | 
P. M. Ashok Kumar, Arun Kumar Sangaiah 439-446
Multipass Performance of Different Medias in Aircraft Hydraulic Filters  | 
B. Aruljothi, A. M. Junaid Basha 447-451
A Novel 8 Bit Digital Comparator for 3x3 Fixed Kernel Based Modified Shear Sorting  | 
K. Vasanth, A. A. F. Kavirajan, T. Ravi, Nirmal Raj 452-462
Multi Item Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Expiration Date and Allowable Shortages  | 
Shilpy Tayal, S. R. Singh, Rajendra Sharma 463-471
Immunohistochemical Assessment of P53 Protein and its Correlation with Clinicopathological Characteristics in Breast Cancer Patients  | 
Robab Sheikhpour, Nasrin Ghassemi, Parichehreh Yaghmaei, Javad Mohiti Ardekani, Mostafa Shiryazd 472-479
A Data-guided Lexisearch Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem  | 
Zakir Hussain Ahmed 480-490
Double-framed Soft BF-algebras  | 
A. R. Hadipour 491-496
Seismic Behavior of Persian Brick Arches  | 
Majid Pouraminian, Arjang Sadeghi, Somayyeh Pourbakhshiyan 497-507
Online Traffic Density Estimation and Vehicle Classification Management System  | 
Rayan Goudar, Abhijeet Singh, Abhijeet Kumar 508-516
Effect of Locations of Using High Boost Filtering on the Watermark Recovery in Spatial Domain Watermarking  | 
Mehdi Alirezanejad, Vahid Saffari, Saeed Amirgholipour, Aboosaleh Mohammad Sharifi 517-524
Booth Multiplier Using Reversible Logic with Low Power and Reduced Logical Complexity  | 
Amita Nandal, T. Vigneswaran, Ashwani K. Rana 525-529
Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) - a Survey  | 
S. Bhagavathy Nanthini, M. Hemalatha, D. Manivannan, L. Devasena 530-536
The Abundance of Avifauna in an Agricultural Landscape: A Benefit of Community Conservation Initiatives in Haryana, India  | 
Nishikant Gupta, Navneet Singh 537-541

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