Volume 7, Supplementary 4, April 2014

Table of Contents


Security for an Image Using Bit-slice Rotation Method-image Encryption  | 
R. Vijayaraghavan, S. Sathya, N. R. Raajan 1-7
Multi Level Encryption and Decryption Tool for Secure Administrator Login over the Network  | 
Delson Therambath Rajanbabu, Chaithanya Raj 8-14
Countermeasure against Side Channel Power Attacks in Cryptography Devices  | 
K. P. Sridhar, S. Saravanan, R. Vijay Sai 15-20
Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Sensor Networks  | 
D. Priyashree, B. Baranidharan, B. Shanthi 21-23
Image and Video Error Rate Analysis in Full Duplex Communication Using Phase Offset  | 
B. Pon Pragadesh Kumar, N. R. Raajan, S. Karthik 24-27
Optimal Hamming Distance Model for Crypto Cores against Side Channel Threats  | 
K. P. Sridhar, D. Muralidharan 28-33
Pipelined Quadratic Equation Based Novel Multiplication Method for Cryptographic Applications  | 
B. Vignesh 34-39
Spectrum Sensing Using Energy Detection Technique for Cognitive Radio Networks Using PCA Technique  | 
R. Sindhubargavi, M. Yuvasrri Sindhu, R. Saravanan 40-45
Securing the Femtocells: Anonymity and Location Privacy  | 
Marc del Valle, B. Manikandan, V. S. Shankar Sriram 46-51
Flip Flop and Double Substitution Based Textual Encryption  | 
D. Shrivishwanath, N. R. Raajan, L. Gopinath 52-55
Authentication Service in Hadoop Using one Time Pad  | 
Nivethitha Somu, A. Gangaa, V. S. Shankar Sriram 56-62
Partial Reconfigurable Implementation of IEEE802.11g OFDM  | 
S. Sivanantham, R. Adarsh, S. Bhargav, K. Jagannadha Naidu 63-70
Mobile-Microcontroller Based Wireless Communication for the Control of Appliances Integrated with their Automation  | 
K. V. N. Kavitha, Shashank Chaurasia 86-91
Increase the Lifetime of WSN by Preventing Sink Isolation using Supercluster Formation  | 
R. Devika, B. Santhi, T. Sivasubramanian 92-98
PACMATS: An Adaptive Symmetric Block Cipher for Parallel Computing Environments  | 
J. John Raybin Jose, E. George Dharma Prakash Raj 99-105
Elephant Localization and Direction of Arrival Estimation using Acoustic Sensor Network Based on Error Rectification Methods  | 
M. Mayilvaganan, M. Devaki 106-110

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