Volume 7, Issue 7, July 2014

Table of Contents


Screening of Mungbean Germplasm for Resistance to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus under Natural Condition  | 
S. Mohan, A. Sheeba, E. Murugan, S. M. Ibrahim 891-896
Video Steganography Based on Integer Haar Wavelet Transforms for Secured Data Transfer  | 
Mritha Ramalingam, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa 897-904
Knowledge Discovery in Medical Data by Using Rough Set Rule Induction Algorithms  | 
P. K. Srimani, Manjula Sanjay Koti 905-915
Studies on Dynamics of Driven Bilaterally Coupled Gunn Oscillator  | 
J. Chakravorty, S. Sarkar, B. C. Sarkar 916-923
Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Chaotic Dynamics of Driven Gunn Oscillator  | 
B. C. Sarkar, J. Chakraborty, S. Sarkar 924-932
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Presentation of an Expert Fuzzy System to Diagnose Anemia  | 
Javad Aramideh, Hamed Jelodar 933-938
Response of Maize to Soil Applied Zinc Fertilizer under Varying Available Zinc Status of Soil  | 
Panneerselvam Selva Preetha, Palaniyandi Stalin 939-944
Charging an Electronic Gadget Using Piezoelectricity  | 
J. John Livingston, M. Hemalatha 945-948
Step Fixed Charge Transportation Problems via Genetic Algorithm  | 
S. Molla-Alizadeh-Zavardehi, A. Mahmoodirad, M. Rahimian 949-954
Agility Assessment Model to Measure Agility Degree of Agile Software Companies  | 
Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Mina Ziaei Nafchi 955-959
Dyeing of Polyester Fabric Using Nano Disperse Dyes and Improving their Light Fastness Using ZnO Nano Powder  | 
Hamada M. Mashaly, R. A. Abdelghaffar, Magda M. Kamel, B. M. Youssef 960-967
Effects of J2 Perturbation on Geometrical Relative Motion  | 
W. A. Rahoma, F. Deleflie 968-974
Anonymization by Data Relocation Using Sub-clustering for Privacy Preserving Data Mining  | 
V. Rajalakshmi, G. S. Anandha Mala 975-980
Distribution of Loss Severity of Bonus-malus Systems  | 
Maryam Teimourian, Mohammad Q. Vahidi-Asl, Amir T. Payandeh Najafabadi 981-985
Optimality Criteria for Fuzzy Pseudo Convex Functions  | 
Sanjaya Kumar Behera, Jyoti Ranjan Nayak 986-990
Space Debris Removal Strategies and their Feasibility  | 
C. R. Rajapaksa, J. K. Wijerathna 991-1004
Synthesis and Application of Functional (anti-uv) Azo-dyes Based on γ-acid on Wool Fabrics  | 
B. M. Youssef, M. H. M. Ahmed, M. M. H. Arief, H. M. Mashaly, R. A. Abdelghaffar, S. A. Mahmoud 1005-1013
Studies on the Growth and Characterization of Organic L-Arginine Semicarbazone Dihydrate NLO Single Crystal  | 
B. Anitha, S. Rathakrishnan, R. Umamaheshwari, A. Joseph Arul Pragasam 1014-1017
Different forms of Soil Zinc - their Relationship with Selected Soil Properties and Contribution towards Plant Availability and Uptake in Maize Growing Soils of Erode District, Tamil Nadu  | 
Panneerselvam Selva Preetha, Palani Stalin 1018-1025
Robust Optimization Method for Online Flowshop Problem with Uncertain Processing Times and Preemption Penalties  | 
Mohammad Bayat, Mohammad Mahdavi Mazdeh 1026-1038

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