Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2014

Table of Contents


A New Numerical Method for Optimal Control of a Class of Hybrid Systems  | 
Radiss Alipour 1243-1249
Calculating the Out-core Radioactivity in VVR-S Reactor after Shutdown  | 
M. Rahgoshay, M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee, M. Khaleghi 1250-1254
Design Considerations for Implementing an Optimal Battery Management System of a Wireless Sensor Node  | 
J. Ashok, P. Thirumoorthy 1255-1259
Optimized Control Strategy to Adjust the Intelligent Universal Transformer for Integrating Distributed Resources to Grid  | 
Maryam Sadeghi, Majid Gholami 1260-1266
Synthesis of Neurosteroids and its Sexual Dimorphism in the Brain of Tilapia Oreochromis Mossambicus  | 
Ramachandra Prabhu, N. Saravanan, Rose Mary Gregoria, R. Moses Inbaraj 1267-1270
Data Hiding Technique with Fractal Image Generation Method Using Chaos Theory and Watermarking  | 
K. Thamizhchelvy, G. Geetha 1271-1278
Combining Different Seed Dictionaries to Extract Lexicon from Comparable Corpus  | 
Ebrahim Ansari, M. H. Sadreddini, Alireza Tabebordbar, Mehdi Sheikhalishahi 1279-1288
Retinal Identification System Using Fourier-mellin Transform and Fuzzy Clustering  | 
Hadi Jafariani, Hamid Tabatabaee 1289-1296
Centralized Resource Allocation with Molp Structure  | 
R. Shamsi, G. R. Jahanshahloo, M. R. Mozaffari, F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi 1297-13060
Design of Fractional-order PID Controllers for Time Delay Systems Using Differential Evolution Algorithm  | 
Mohammad Esmaeilzade Shahri, Saeed Balochian, Hossein Balochian, Yudong Zhang 1307-1315
Power Quality Improvement for Thirty Bus System Using UPFC and TCSC  | 
S. Marlin, S. D. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan, B. Padmanabhan, G. Nagarajan 1316-1320
Use of Wireless Sensor and Microcontroller to Develop Water-level Monitoring System  | 
Abdullah -Al-Mamun, Nasim Ahmed, Nizam Uddin Ahamed, S. A. M. Matiur Rahman, Badlishah Ahmad, Kenneth Sundaraj 1321-1326
SPSA Algorithm Based Optimum Design of Longitudinal Section of Bridges  | 
Majid Pouraminian, Somayeh Pourbakhshian 1327-1332
Efficient Remote Video Monitoring for Industrial Environment Based on LPC2148 and GSM  | 
T. Baghyasree, K. Janakiraman, D. Parkavi 1333-1341
An overview of High Frequency Switching Patterns of Cascaded Multilevel Inverters Suitable for Pv Applications and Proposing a Modified Method  | 
S. Y. Mosazade, S. H. Fathi, H. Radmanesh 1342–1349
Efficiency Calculation of Mined Web Navigational Patterns  | 
L. K. Joshila Grace, V. Maheswari 1350-1354
Context-based Classification of XML Documents in Feature Clustering  | 
A. Mary Posonia, V. L. Jyothi 1355-1358
Detecting Sybil Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Two-hop Messages  | 
Reza Rafeh, Mozhgan Khodadadi 1359-1368
An Attempt to Improve Classification Accuracy through Implementation of Bootstrap Aggregation with Sequential Minimal Optimization during Automated Evaluation of Descriptive Answers  | 
C. Sunil Kumar, R. J. Rama Sree 1369-1375
Customizing Zinc Oxide, Silver and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Enhancing Groundnut Seed Quality  | 
K. Krishna Shyla, N. Natarajan 1376-1381
A New Single-stage Solar Based Controlled Full-bridge DC-DC Converter  | 
S. Jayaprakash, V. Ramakrishnan 1382-1386
Calculations of Mapping from Two Dimensional Plane to Integer Line and the Reverse Using Hilbert Curve  | 
S. Santosh Baboo, V. Narmadha 1387-1390
Analyzing Routing Protocol Performance with Nctuns for Vehicular Networks  | 
Eric Gamess, Moises Chachati 1391-1402
Image Steganography Using Ken Ken Puzzle for Secure Data Hiding  | 
G. Vidya, R. Hema Preetha, G. S. Shilpa, V. Kalpana 1403-1413
Genotypic Variation for Micronutrient Content in Traditional and Improved Rice Lines and its Role in Biofortification Programme  | 
Vishnu Varthini Nachimuthu, S. Robin, D. Sudhakar, S. Rajeswari, M. Raveendran, K. S. Subramanian, Shalini Tannidi, Balaji Aravindhan Pandian 1414-1425
Fuzzy Mathematical Approach to Analyze the Problems Faced by Turmeric Cultivators at the Time of Marketing  | 
S. Narayanamoorthy, P. Shanmugam, K. Maheswari, S. Kalaiselvan 1426-1427
Soft Vectorial MV-Algebras  | 
A. Erami, A. Hasankhani 1428-1436
Multi-Tier Framework Using Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System with Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Intrusion Detection  | 
S. Revathi, A. Malathi 1437-1443
Digital Image Steganography Using Nine-pixel Differencing and Modified Lsb Substitution  | 
Gandharba Swain 1444-1450
Impact of Micronutrients on Fruit Set and Fruit Drop of Winter Season Guava (Psidium Guajava L.) cv. Allahabad Safeda  | 
Ram Kumar Yadav, R. B. Ram, Vikas Kumar, M. L. Meena, Harsh Deep Singh 1451-1453
The Influence of Concentrator Size, Reflective Material and Solar Irradiance on the Parabolic Dish Heat Transfer  | 
Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Rosnani Affandi, Chin Kim Gan, Siti Hajar Raman, Jano Zanariah 1454-1460

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