Volume 7, Supplementary 6, October 2014

Table of Contents


Generating a Digital Signature Based on New Cryptographic Scheme for User Authentication and Security  | 
K. Ganeshkumar, D. Arivazhagan 1-5
Design and Development of Simple Guiding Blood Pressure Measurement (SGBPM) Mobile Application  | 
E. Hemavathy, S. Sinthuja, N. Manoharan 6-10
Heuristic Approach of Supervised Learning for Intrusion Detection  | 
H. J. Shanthi, E. A. Mary Anita 11-14
Ship Recycling: An Important Mile Stone for India  | 
Nanda Gopal K. Reddy, N. Manoharan 15-21
Underwater Vehicle for Surveillance with Navigation and Swarm Network Communication  | 
S. Karthik 22-31
A Survey on Query Processing in Mobile Database  | 
N. Manickasankari, D. Arivazhagan, G. Vennila 32-34
Optimization of SRAM Aarray Structure for Energy Efficiency Improvement in Advanced CMOS Technology  | 
J. S. Ashwin, J. S. Praveen, N. Manoharan 35-39
Multi-Machine Small Signal Stability Analysis For Large Scale Power System  | 
C. Chennakesavan, P. Nalandha 40-47
Impact of Parameter Variations on the Steady State Behaviour of Grid Connected Renewable Energy Conversion Systems  | 
Anly Abraham, D. Padma Subramanian 48-55
A Novel Wave Bird Concept for Marine Surveillance  | 
Jeby Thomas Jacob, M. Dheepak 56-60
Removal of Impulse Noise Using Adaptive Weighted Median Filter  | 
R. Karthickmanoj, S. Sinthuja, N. Manoharan 61-63
Ontology based Semantic Web Technologies in E-learning Environment using Protégé  | 
N. Manickasankari, D. Arivazhagan, G. Vennila 64-67
A Study of Clostridium tryobutyricum in Carbonate Reservoir for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery  | 
T. Nagalakshmi, R. Karthikeshwaran, Jose Antonio Brito Mascarenhas, Marcos Janayne do Nascimento Bernardo 68-73
Power Saving Mechanism for Ad-Hoc Network using 3G Fast Dormancy Technology  | 
D. Helen, D. Arivazhagan 74-77
Experimental Study on Nonionic Surfactants for Minimizing Surface Adsorption as an Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) Process  | 
M. J. A. Prince 78-81
Energy Efficient Voltage Conversion Range of Multiple Level Shifter Design in Multi Voltage Domain  | 
S. Sinthuja, J. Harish Kumar, N. Manoharan 82-86
Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Torque in Drilling Al–15%SiC–4% Graphite Metal Matrix Composites using Response Surface Methodology  | 
A. Munia Raj, N. Manoharan 87-94
An Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization for Proficient Solving of Advanced Unit Commitment Problem with Wind Energy and Pumped Hydro Storage  | 
R. Soundarapandian, R. Jayashree 95-104

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