Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2014

Table of Contents


Properties of Concrete made with Waste Clay Brick as Sand Incorporating Nano SiO2  | 
Davoud Tavakoli, Ali Heidari, Sasan Hayati Pilehrood 1899-1905
Application of Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm for Optimizing Association Rule Mining  | 
T. Bharathi, P. Krishnakumari 1906-1915
The Adsorption and Decomposition of formic Acid on Cu{100} and Cu{100}pt Surfaces Using Temperature Programmed Reaction Spectroscopy  | 
Hamid M. Younis, Ehab Alshamaileh 1916-1924
Adsorption and Desorption Carotenoids of Raw Palm Oil (Crude Palm Oil/CPO) Using Salt M-polystyrene Sulfonate (M = Na, Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba)  | 
Justaman Arifin Karo Karo, Seri Bima Sembiring, Nimpan Bangun, Tjahjono Herawan 1925-1932
Zoning Coastal Marine Boujagh National Park and Sustainable Management by Geographic Information System  | 
Sorayya Asadi Kapourchal, Mohammad Dehdar Dargahi, Hasan Karimzadegan 1933-1938
Design and Development of Secondary Clarifier for Paper and Pulp Industry with a Case Study  | 
N Raggul, R. Saraswathi 1939-1949
Admixing PET for the Safety of Earth Dams  | 
R. Ahmadzadeh Toori, S. Pourbakhshian, M. Pouraminian 1950-1955
An Analysis between Traditional and Motion Detection Game - Using Ict Techniques  | 
M. Kannan, M. Geetha 1956-1962
f-best Coapproximation in Quotient Topological Vector Spaces  | 
Majid Abrishami-Moghaddam 1963-1966
Modular Multiplicative Divisor Labeling of some Path Related Graphs  | 
R. Revathi, R. Rajeswari 1967-1972
Extraction of Pigments from Rhodotorula Species of Dairy Environment  | 
K. Shivalkar Yadav, R. Prabha 1973-1977
Analysis of Different Wavelength Injection Techniques in Bidirectional Wavelength Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Networks  | 
A. Sangeetha, B. Bharath Reddy, G. Murali Krishna 1978-1986
Fixing Sensor Position Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis for Trace Detection of Toxic Gases  | 
M. V. Shyla, K. B. Naidu, G. Vasanth Kumar 1987-1998
Assessment of Energy Content of some Tropical Concentrate Feeds of Ruminants Using Model of National Research Council - 2001  | 
Lalatendu Keshary Das, S. S. Kundu, Dinesh Kumar, Chander Datt 1999-2006
Missing Value Imputation Using Hybrid Higher Order Neural Classifier  | 
Lipismita Panigrahi, Kaberi Das, Debahuti Mishra 2007-2014
Implementation of Multi-threading on Hybrid Arm Cortex Dual Core A9-fpga Architecture for Energy Efficiency  | 
V. Jean Shilpa, P. K. Jawahar 2015-2019
CFD Analysis of Aortic Aneurysms on the Basis of Mathematical Simulation  | 
H. Girija Bai, K. B. Naidu, G. Vasanth Kumar 2020-2032
A New Economic History-Based Algorithm for Network Selection in the Heterogeneous Wireless Networks  | 
Amir Hosein Jafari, Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini 2033-2040
Effectiveness of Proprioceptive Training in Grade-ii Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Athletes  | 
Elanchezhian Chinnavan, Sathish Gopaladhas, Aparna Saha, Rishikesavan Ragupathy 2041-2045
Wavelet Neural Network Application for Kinematic Solution of 2-(6UPS) Hybrid Manipulator  | 
Arash Rahmani, Ahamd Ghanbari, Mehran Mahboubkhah 2046-2054
Effect of Surface Flux Boundary Conditions on Transient Suction Distribution in Homogeneous Slope  | 
Gambo Haruna Yunusa, Azman Kassim, Nurly Gofar 2064-2075
Assessment the Effective Ground Motion Parameters on Seismic Performance of R/C Buildings Using Artificial Neural Network  | 
A. Kia, S. Sensoy 2076-2082
Region Specific Election Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
S. Koteeswaran, R. Srinivasan, K. A. Varunkumar 2083-2087
Topology Discovery and Modified Tabu Search for Efficient Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks  | 
V. Jayaraj, J. Jegathesh Amalraj, V. Mathimalar 2088-2095
Experimental Invesitigation and Modeling of Rainfall Runoff Process  | 
Ankit Chakravarti, M. K. Jain 2096-2106
Assessment of Quarter Cylinder Obstacles Effectiveness on Hydraulic Jump in Rectangular Channels  | 
Hassan Saghi, Abdolamir Bak Khoshnevis, Ali Saman 2107-2112
The Orbit Graph of Finite p-groups and Groups of Order pq  | 
S. M. S. Omer, N. H. Sarmin, A. Erfanian 2113-2117
Reliable Data Transmission Using Efficient Neighbor Coverage Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network  | 
M. Vinothini, A. Umamakeswari 2118-2123
Semantic Representation of Abstract Words in Cognitive Robotic Model by Using Transitive Inference  | 
Nadia Rasheed, Shamsuddin H. M. Amin, Abdul Hafeez, Abdur Raheem, Rabia Shakoor 2124-2132
Improving the Performance of Spatial Domain Image Watermarking with High Boost Filter  | 
Mehdi Alirezanejad, Saeed Amirgholipour, Vahid Safari, Shahin Aslani, Moein Arab 2133-2139
A Hybrid Humanoid-Wheeled Mobile Robotic Educational Platform – Design and Prototyping  | 
Ali Haider Arif, Muhammad Waqas, Ubaid ur Rahman, Sarosh Anwar, Ahsan Malik, Jamshed Iqbal 2140-2148
Unit Commitment in Power System by Combination of Dynamic Programming, Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization  | 
Fazlollah Rouhi, Reza Effatnejad 2056-2063

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