Volume 7, Supplementary 7, November 2014

Table of Contents


An FPGA Based Regenerative Braking System of Electric Vehicle Driven by BLDC Motor  | 
R. Elavarasi, P. K. SenthilKumar 1-5
Consequence of Cross Cultural Misunderstanding - A Shipboard Perspective  | 
K. Karthik 6-9
Optimizing Ultralow Interfacial Tension by Altering Surfactant Concentration Through Emulsion Test  | 
M. J. A. Prince 10-12
A Knowledge of Metrics on Analysis of Social Graphs  | 
M. Vedhanayaki, A. Kumaravel 13-15
Cryogenic Mechanical Properties of PP/MMT Polymer Nanocomposites  | 
N. Manoharan, V. Selvakumar 16-23
Effect of Sand Training with and without Plyometric Exercises on Selected Physical Fitness Variables Among Pondicherry University Athletes  | 
Sivamani, D. Sultana 24-27
Powering and Motion Analysis of Twin-Strut Swath Vessels  | 
Y. Gopi Krishna, Anuj Gupta 28-40
Performances of Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells Using Mordenite Composite Membranes  | 
R. Gokulakrishnan, A. S. Perumal, N. Manoharan 41-44
Proton Conductivity and Ethanol Permeability of Silane Treated Mordenite/Nafion Composite Membrane for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell  | 
R. Gokulakrishnan, A. S. Perumal, N. Manoharan 45-50
Intelligent Inspiration to Salvage Enery in Ad-Hoc Network Using Biological Agent  | 
Helen, D. Arivazhagan 51-54
Comparison of Hind-Cast Wave with Measured Wave Off Puducherry Coast, Eastcoast of India  | 
P. Mohamed Rajab, R. Mahadevan, P. Chandramohan 55-60
Performance Comparison based on Attribute Selection Tools for Data Mining  | 
M. Sudha, A. Kumaravel 61-65
An Energy Efficiency Distributed Routing Algorithm Based on HAC Clustering Method for WSNs  | 
S. Syed Abdul Syed, T. Senthil Kumaran 66-75
Design of Fixed Pitch Propeller and Water Jet Propulsion System For a Frigate  | 
Y. Gopal Krishna 76-84
Impact of Distributed Generation on Distribution Systems and its Protection  | 
R. Elavarasi, P. Saravanan 85-90
NiS/SnS Core - Shell Embedded Polyaniline Composite: Synthesis and Characterization  | 
T. R. Heera, V. Balasubramanian 91-98
FPGA and ASIC Implementation of Systolic Arrays for the Design of Optimized Median Filter in Digital Image Processing Applications  | 
Kalyan Sagar Kadali, L. Rajaji 99-103
Modeling of Electroporation and Electric Field Investigation for a Single Cell Dispersed in Liquid Foods  | 
S. Priya, V. Gowrisree 104-113
PWM Based Quasi Sliding Mode Control of Buck Converter  | 
S. Priya 121-126
Analysis of Water Trees and Characterization Techniques in XLPE Cables  | 
S. Priya, A. Mubashira Anjum 127-135
Thermal Properties of Polypropylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites  | 
V. Selvakumar, N. Manoharan 136-139
PID Controller Tuning using Soft Computing Methodologies for Industrial Process-A Comparative Approach  | 
T. K. Sethuramalingam, B. Nagaraj 140-145
Rapidly Gathering Iinformation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) with Multiple Access Collision Avoidance (MACA)  | 
G. Vennila, D. Arivazhagan, N. Manickasankari 146-148
Optimal Over Current Relay Coordination of a Real Time Distribution System with Embedded Renewable Generation  | 
A. Kamal, S. Sankar, R. Soundarapandian 149-155
Enhancing GPS Receiver Tracking Loop Performance in Multipath Environment Using an Adaptive Filter Algorithm  | 
S. Mariappan, G. Sasibhusana Rao, Swarna Ravindra Babu 156-164
Improved Control Strategy for Grid Connected Scheme Based on PV Array and Wind-Driven Induction Generators  | 
P. Sivakumar, M. Arutchelvi, R. Soundarapandian 165-173
A Proficient Approach for Monitoring Induction Motor by Integrating Embedded System with Wireless Sensor Network  | 
U. V. Anbazhagu, J. S. Praveen, R. Soundarapandian 174-179
Efficacious Spam Filtering and Detection in Social Networks  | 
U. V. Anbazhagu, J. S. Praveen, R. Soundarapandian, N. Manoharan 180-184
A Study of Data Mining and Social Network Analysis  | 
M. Vedanayaki 185-187
Graph Mining Techniques, Tools and Issues-A Study  | 
M. Vedanayaki 188-190
Effective Power Quality Improvement Using Generalised Unified Power Quality Conditioner  | 
K. Bavitra, S. Sinthuja, N. Manoharan 191-197

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