Volume 10, Issue 27, July 2017

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Algorithm for Detection of Aonidiella aurantii in Citrus × tangelo Fruits using DIP Technique  | 
Dario Amaya, Alejandra Rojas, Diana Gutierrez
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/93073 | Total views: 258
Improved Modeling and Control of a HTA Grid Connected 500 KW PV Systems  | 
Ibrahim Benabdallah, Adnene Cherif
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/116134 | Total views: 175
Controlling Shapes and Sizes of Synthesis Silver Nanowires by Polyol Method using Polyvinyl Alcohol and Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone  | 
Junaidi , Kuwat Triyana, Harsojo , Edi Suharyadi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/93895 | Total views: 199
Hydrochemical Evalution of Groundwater in an Industrial Area Chrompet  | 
P. Vijayalakshmi, C. Sandeep Kumar Reddy, G. Tharun
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/100563 | Total views: 145
Evaluation of Retention for Implant Retained Mandibular over Denture using Two Different Denture Base Materials  | 
Ahmed A. Elwahed Shaaban, Ahmed I. Mahrous, Waseem Mushtaha
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/103791 | Total views: 141
Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm of Secure and Fast Chaos-based, AES, RSA and ElGamal Cryptosystems  | 
Michael Enriquez, Den Whilrex Garcia, Edwin Arboleda
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/105001 | Total views: 203
Influence of Parameters and Wear Analysis of Aluminium-Bronze (CuAl8Fe3) by Taguchi Method  | 
Vandana N. Mahajan, A. M. Nikalje, Yogita S. Patil
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/106016 | Total views: 129
Epileptic Seizure Prediction in EEG Records using Parallel Tree Based Learning and Feature Extraction  | 
P. Ramina, M. Vanitha
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/107757 | Total views: 107
The Homeland Separation as an Example of a Social and Psychological Migration-Related Problem  | 
Vsevolod Konstantinov
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/108774 | Total views: 1736
A Double Head Clustering Algorithm for Web Usage Mining Based on Radical Basis Function Neural Network  | 
Meera Alphy, Ajay Sharma
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/109785 | Total views: 129
Low Firing Zn Metallic Composite Glazes for Earthenware  | 
Nimit Sriprang, Jutatip Namahoot, Patsorn Para, Wanatee Kholam, Anongnat Duangchuen, Watchrawit Uarsilp
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/109794 | Total views: 143
An Experimental Investigation of Statistical Model based Secure Steganography for JPEG Images  | 
V. Senthooran, L. Ranathunga
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/111440 | Total views: 126
Installation and Commissioning of a 100 kW Rooftop Solar PV Power Plant  | 
Akhilesh A. Nimje, Pankaj R. Sawarkar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/111510 | Total views: 134
Study of the Passive Electrical Properties of Tomato Tissues after Infection and Treatment by Fongicide  | 
M. Teuma Mbezi, H. P. Ekobena Fouda, Ambang Zachee, C. B. Tabi, T. C. Kofane
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/112835 | Total views: 162
Bipartite Entanglement for Two Electronic Qubits in Double Photoionization of Xeon  | 
M. Chakraborty
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/113138 | Total views: 95
Male Nurse’s Nursing Professional Values  | 
Min Kweon Ahn
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/113303 | Total views: 129
Hybrid Approach for PRNGs using BBS and Dithering Technique  | 
Estabraq Abdulredaa Kadhim, Firas Haqqi Ismael, Hassan Challob Mohsen, Alaa Abdul Hussein Jabbar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/113945 | Total views: 309
Investigation of Energy Scavenging Interface Circuit for Embedded Systems in WSN  | 
A. Bhaskar, R. Champawat, S. A. Bhaskar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/114535 | Total views: 113
GA Algorithm Optimizing SVM Multi-Class Kernel Parameters Applied in Arabic Speech Recognition  | 
Aymen Mnassri, Mohammed Bennasr, Adnane Cherif
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/114943 | Total views: 149
Bis (Salysylaldehyde) Benzidine for the Highly Selective Cu2+-Sensing by Fluorescence Quenching  | 
Zeyad A. Saleh, Dhaidan Kh. Kafi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/115542 | Total views: 103
Design and Development of Timesheet Management System  | 
G. S. S. Lakshmi, P. Ghuli
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/115683 | Total views: 130
Investigation of the Effect of Video Game Play on Cognitive Behaviour using Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Wavelet Transform  | 
Sudarsan Sahoo, J. K. Das
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/107937 | Total views: 80
An Effectual Approach for Security and Integrity against Wicked Node Attacks in Wi-Max Network Environment  | 
Swati Sharma, Harpal Singh
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/111854 | Total views: 91
Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide 90° Coupler  | 
Abdelkhalek Nasri, Hani Wadie Badri, Hassen Zairi, Ali Gharsallah
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/95071 | Total views: 113
Design and Development of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor (PMLSM)  | 
V. Ganesh Sampath, K. Abhishek, N. C. Lenin
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/100835 | Total views: 114
Performance Analysis of Emerging Interconnects Driven by Devices beyond CMOS  | 
S. M. Turkane, G. K. Kharate, A. K. Kureshi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/116305 | Total views: 130
The Study of a Dilute Suspension of Periodically Forced Spherical Particles in an Oscillating Newtonian Fluid at Low Reynolds Numbers  | 
Madhukar Krishnamurthy, Tumkur Ramaswamy Ramamohan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i27/116596 | Total views: 124

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