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Qasim, Awais

  • Executable Semantics for the Formal Specification and Verification of E-agents

      Awais Qasim,   Syed Asad Raza Kazmi,   Ilyas Fakhir
    Volume 8, Issue 16, July 2015 - Articles

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  • Concurrency in Intuitionistic Linear-Time μ-Calculus: A Case study of Manufacturing System

      Ilyas Fakhir,   Syed Asad Raza Kazmi,   Awais Qasim,   Imran Rafique
    Volume 9, Issue 6, February 2016 - Articles

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  • Temporal Modelling and Verification of Multi-Robot Concurrent Activities

      Syed Asad Raza Kazmi,   Ayesha Naeem,   Awais Qasim
    Volume 9, Issue 48, December 2016 - Articles

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  • Optimized Application Level Checkpoint Based Load Sharing Model for Heterogeneous Mobile Grid Computing

      Imran Rafique,   Hina Gul,   Salman Rafique,   Syed Asad Raza Kazmi,   Awais Qasim,   Ilyas Fakhir
    Volume 10, Issue 28, July 2017 - Articles

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  • Formal Modelling and Verification of the Operational Modes of Pacemaker

      Syed Asad Raza Kazmi,   Sana Abubakkar,   Awais Qasim,   Syed Hassan Abbas Kazmi,   Usman Qamar Qureshi
    Volume 10, Issue 20, May 2017 - Articles

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