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Yeop Lee, Dong

  • The Effect of Table Height on the Thickness of Neck Muscle during Computer Work

      Jin Ju Shin,   Jin Seop Kim,   Ji Heon Hon,   Jae Ho Yu,   Dong Yeop Lee
    Volume 8, Issue 26, October 2015 - Articles

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  • Factors Affecting Health Screening Action

      Jean Soo Kim,   Dong Yeop Lee
    Volume 9, Issue 40, October 2016 - Articles

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  • Comparison of Isokinetic Muscular Strength of the Knee Joint according to the Ankle Joint Position

      So-Young Lee,   Jeong-Eun Lim,   Dong Yeop Lee,   Jae Ho Yu,   Jin Seop Kim,   Jiheon Hong
    Volume 9, Issue 46, December 2016 - Articles

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  • The Influence of Pillow Material and Shape on Cervical Curvature Stability

      Myeong Ryeol Kim,   Joo Young Chung,   Dong Yeop Lee,   Ji Heon Hong,   Jin Seop Kim,   Jae Ho Yu,   Sangmi Jung
    Volume 9, Issue 47, December 2016 - Articles

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