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Darji, P. H.

  • A Review: Utilization of Waste Energy to Improve the Efficiency of the Systems

      Jaykumar H. Patel,   M. N. Qureshi,   P. H. Darji
    Volume 9, Issue 38, October 2016 - Articles

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  • Comparison Between Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Model and Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Model for the Lean Practices of Manufacturing Industries (SMEs) of Gujarat

      S. Y. Jani,   T. N. Desai,   P. H. Darji
    Volume 10, Issue 11, March 2017 - Articles

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  • Phase Change Material with Thermal Energy Storage System and Its Applications: A Systematic Review

      Jaykumar H. Patel,   P. H. Darji,   M. N. Qureshi
    Volume 10, Issue 13, April 2017 - Articles

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