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Gilani, Syed Omer

  • An Appraisal of the Advancement of Emerging Technologies in Hearing Aids

      Muhammad Zia ur Rehman,   Syed Irtiza Ali Shah,   Syed Omer Gilani,   Mohsin Jamil,   Faisal Amin
    Volume 9, Issue 25, July 2016 - Articles

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  • State Space System Modeling of a Quad Copter UAV

      Zaid Tahir,   Mohsin Jamil,   Saad Ali Liaqat,   Lubva Mubarak,   Waleed Tahir,   Syed Omer Gilani
    Volume 9, Issue 27, July 2016 - Articles

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  • Improvement in ECG based Biometric Systems using Wavelet Packet Decomposition (WPD) Algorithm

      Zeeshan Hassan,   Syed Omer Gilani,   Mohsin Jamil
    Volume 9, Issue 30, August 2016 - Articles

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  • Design and Comparison of PID and Proportional Resonant Controllers for Matrix Converter

      M. Arifeen Ali,   Mohsin Jamil,   Raheel Afzal,   Asad Nawaz,   Gussan Mufti,   M. Zubair,   Syed Omer Gilani
    Volume 10, Issue 5, February 2017 - Articles

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