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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 20, Pages: 1-8

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A Comparative Analysis of Universal Filters using Current Conveyors


Objectives: Current mode of operation is drawing the attention of many researchers due to their potential advantages such as wider Bandwidth, greater gain, higher slew-rate, etc., So, the design of Universal filters in current mode is essential keeping in view of power, Bandwidth. Methods: This paper concentrates on the analysis of some of the Universal filter Topologies which are realized using second generation current conveyor. For each Topology, the detailed mathematical analysis is carried out using circuit analysis techniques.The transfer fucntion expressions is derived. The effects of floating and grounded point passive elements is brieffy discussed with respect to hardware complexity, Quality factor and resonat angular frequency. Findings: The main objective of the paper is to analyze and compare various universal filter topologies. The objective of the paper also focus on the selection of the current conveyor by studying various generations in it. The Universal filters are used to act like low pass, High pass Band pass and Band reject filters. The merits and demerits of each Topology is compared.It has been observed that Topology I uses as minimum number of componenets as possible. There is no independent control of Q-factor in all topologies. All current conveyors and different Topologies are simulated in MULTISIM 13.0. Application: The proposed circuits finds applications in many areas such as communication, controls, Signal processing, Instrumentation. The work can be extended to design universal filter circuits with lesser passive componets, better Q and Bandwidth values.

Keywords: Active Component, Circuit Analysis, Current Mode, Filter, Quality Factor Second Generation Current Conveyor, Topology, Universal Filter


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