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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 41, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

A Review on Wear Behavior of Cutting Tools During Machining of Inconel, Nimonic, and Hastelloy


Objectives: Super-alloys are considered to be hard-to-machine materials; therefore, cutting tool is highly susceptible to be worn out during the machining operation. Because of that, the surface condition of the workpiece is very poor, and the machine is also likely to get damaged. Therefore, it is imperative to estimate the wear traces on the cutting tool along with the calculation of its useful life. Methods/statistical analysis: Various research conducted in this context has been reviewed and discussed in this study. For better understanding, the scope of this review is restricted to Ni-based superalloys, especially Inconel, Nimonic, and Hastelloy. With regard to these super-alloys, tool wear (TW) mechanisms have been discussed. TW mechanism conferred in relation to various cutting speed (CS), feed rate (FR), and cut depth (CD) has also been compiled here in tabular form. Findings: From the review, it can be said that flank wear (FW) is one of the main reasons behind the cutting tool failure irrespective of machining environment, parameters, materials, etc. Along with FW, some conditions based wear mechanisms such as abrasion wear (AW), burr formation, chipping, adhesion wear (AdW), notch wear (NW), crater wear (CW), built-up-edge (BUE), diffusion wear (DW), etc. for TW were also operable in most of the situations. The wear of cutting tool was influenced severely by CS among the various machining parameters. Application/ improvements: Super-alloys are used primarily in the aviation industry because they have certain properties, such as high corrosion resistance, tremendous strength, excellent weldability, high fatigue and creep resistance, etc. High surface finish and precise dimensions of machined aerospace parts are very much needed for a high level of safety, which depends predominantly on the integrity of machining equipment.
Keywords: Super-alloy, Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, Machining, Tool Wear


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