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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 24, Pages: 1993-2004

Original Article

An Assessment of Utilizing Natural Fibers for the Development of High-Performance Fiber Hybrid Composites for Mechanical and Fracture Toughness Properties

Received Date:07 May 2021, Accepted Date:09 June 2021, Published Date:13 July 2021


Objectives: The key objective of this present article is to understand the prominence of hybrid laminates reinforced with different types of synthetic and natural fibers on mechanical and fracture toughness properties with precise apprehension to their applications in structural, aerospace, automotive, offshore, and packaging industries, etc. Various types of hybrid composites which were manufactured by different techniques are studied to understand the significance of natural fibers to enhance the mechanical properties of hybrid composites. Methods: A methodical comprehensive review has been done on the various tests used for evaluating mechanical and fracture behavior of hybrid composites using Flax, Sisal, Kenaf, Jute and Banana fibers. Certainly, the abundance of Natural fibers with low cost, eco-friendly and bio-degradable characteristics have captured the attention of the researchers across the globe. Findings: Experimental investigations revealed that the alkaline treated natural fibers demonstrated desirable mechanical and fracture toughness properties when they were used in conjunction with synthetic fibers. Developing hybrid composites using natural and synthetic fibers will be an innovative concept, which can offer a new class of composite material for primary structural applications. Novelty: This review will certainly help composite research community to explore sustainable eco-friendly hybrid composites. In addition to this, there is an ample of scope to utilize the natural fibers to develop hybrid fiber composites by partial replacement of synthetic fibers in high performance FRP composites. This assessment will also give brief comprehensive report on the performance of Natural Fiber Hybrid Composites (NFHC) with respect to their mechanical properties relative to conventional FRP Hybrid composites.
Keywords: Hybrid composites; NFHC; Mechanical Properties; Fracture Properties; Bio-degradable


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