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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 34, Pages: 1-7

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An Intelligent Boxing Application through Augmented Reality for Two users – Human Computer Interaction Attempt


Background/Objectives: The technological achievements seen in this modern world are very intuitive. One such intuition has resulted in this research. All of us must have seen the movie IRON MAN and the gestures the hero perform are all simply superb and it has been the motivation for us to proceed with this application that we created. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: Augmented Reality is a technology which enriches the real world with digital information. An Augmented Reality (AR) Interface superimposes digital objects or interactive computer graphics, on to the real world dynamically. Since its introduction, the technology has been capable of presenting possibilities that have been challenging for other technologies to offer and meet. Nevertheless, AR environments has been largely limited to simple browsing or simply viewing of virtual information registered to the real world. In a few more years, AR will definitely change the way individuals view the world. Findings: We focus at making an interactive gesture tracking system using augmented reality that duplicates the real world environment by blending virtual elements into the real world. This idea is then taken to build an application in AR, through which two users can in parallel use the Boxing application using the punch gestures. The application would let the winner announced through finding out the amount of pressure applied for knocking out the boxing bag. We have discussed in this paper the core elements required to develop an application in augmented reality, which holds good for boxing application we developed as well. The tools required are, leap motion device and unity software. A detailed form of creating an application with the output generated is given. AR is going to be the future and the software giants are all investing dollars into it. So this innovation is a step ahead in AR research which can be further extended to many other applications.
Keywords: Body Balance, Isokinetic Trunk Strength, Stabilization Exercise, Yoga


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