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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 30, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Assessment of Physical Properties of Coarse Aggregates in Gujarat State, India


Objectives: The current manuscript presents a detailed study on physical properties of aggregates procured from all seventeen districts in Gujarat (India), having coarse aggregate availability. Methods/Analysis: Statistical analysis carried out shows that in Gujarat State (India) having 33 districts, coarse aggregates are available in 22 districts of which 5 districts have coarse aggregates supplied from common source. Hence leading to 17 districts having actual availability of coarse aggregates within themselves. Remaining 11 districts do not have any source of coarse aggregates, and thereby procure aggregates from nearby 7 districts. Findings: Technological advancement has led humanity to achieve new horizons of innovations in Concrete and Concrete Structures. With passage of time, we have come up with partial replacement of Cement by other materials, which lead towards environmental conservation by means of reduction in environmentally hazardous materials. We also have come up with partial replacement of sand. However when it comes to aggregates, we do not trust any other material as a partial or complete replacement to aggregates. Moral of the story is, binders (Cement) can be replaced, fillers (Sand) can be replaced, but in order to replace the material imparting strength (i.e. Coarse Aggregates), it demands a higher degree of reliability. As a part of findings for the current research, comparisons have been made for each property of coarse aggregates amongst all seventeen samples procured directly from field from the particular district. Novelty/Improvement: Utmost care has been taken pertaining to the authenticity of the information while procuring the samples. Results are interesting and give a clear cut understanding of difference in physical properties amongst the aggregates available in Gujarat province, India. Results can help in purpose specific selection of aggregates in Gujarat (India).
Keywords: Assessment, Coarse Aggregates, Gujarat (India), Physical Properties


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