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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 32, Pages: 1-5

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Automatic Real Time Observer based Calibration of Surround System


Objective: Pleasure of enjoying the surround sound is fully based on the calibration made on the surround system. Hence, in this paper, the observer’s position based volume that will react consequently and change in light of the constant position of the observer is proposed. Methods/Analysis: Many calibrations techniques based on microphone calibration are available in the existing systems. But none of them are capable of adjusting the volume of the speakers in real time. If the observer is moved from the calibrated position, the audibility of each speaker will be varied. So the observer couldn’t experience a real surround. Instead, sound from nearer speaker will be high and observer losses his/her audibility of the distant speaker. Only special effects from distant speaker are audible. The proposed method adjusts the volume of speakers regularly based on the observer location. In this paper, only one observer is considered for performance analysis and the simulation is carried out in MATLAB. Findings: The area identification depends on the assumption, the sound recognition level of the considerable number of speakers can’t be set at precise comparable level at all positions of the eyewitness. The discernment level every one of the speakers is almost made equivalent by the pay in the increase component of the intensifier. In this manner the spectator can hold the perceptibility of each speaker despite the fact that eyewitness moved from the aligned position. Novelty/Improvement: The recognition level of different speakers is significantly diminished when the onlooker moves near one of the speaker. The encompass framework is considered the position based remuneration which was adjusted concerning to the particular location of the observer.
Keywords: Calibration, Observer, Position based, Surround System, Volume


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