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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 1-5

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Enhancement of Power Quality using PV Fed D-Statcom


Objectives: A detailed analysis has been made to study the harmonics level with and without compensation. To compensate neutral current of the test system using synchronous reference frame controls analogy. Methods/Analysis: This work deals with harmonic reduction using recompense of source and neutral current. A modified control technique has been framed with the reference synchronous frame to mitigate these power quality issues with a model test system. Findings: Renewable energy sources are associated in distribution systems using power electronic converters for the melioration of power quality. One of the Renewable energy resources which are widely used in the distribution system is solar energy. The inclusion of power electronic converter/devices and due to composite loads present in power systems may lead to power quality issues. Without these controlling devices, transmission and distribution of electricity at required level cannot be attained. The test system comprises of PV array or battery, DC to DC promote converter and DSTATCOM for providing whole day compensation. Maximum benefits of the model can be achieved through this control technique when implemented in an A.C four-wire system. After implementing the control technique, it is observed that the harmonics of the source voltage, the source current and neutral current has been reduced and thus meliorates the calibre of power delivered to the consumers. Applications: Generally, the consumer loads are an unbalanced system due to the different types of loads such as Industrial loads, commercial loads and residential loads. The AC system is adopted to give supply to single phase and three phase loads. These unbalanced loads simulate large content of neutral current. To improve the reliability of distribution system many renewable energy sources are connected to the network and these sources are controlled by static devices. These static devices are induced harmonic content at higher levels. D-Statom is best suited in the distribution system to reduce the harmonic content and enhance the quality of power.
Keywords: Boost Converter, D-Statcom, Photo Voltaic, Power Quality Improvement, Voltage Source Converter


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