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Implementation and Evaluation of Heating System using PID with Genetic Algorithm
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 5, Pages: 413–418

Original Article

Implementation and Evaluation of Heating System using PID with Genetic Algorithm


The objective of this paper is to illustrate a method for design and implementation of a room heating system which maintains a constant preset temperature across the given room. Temperature control of room heating system has drawbacks related to repeated ON/OFF switching, longer settling time, large time constants, and overshoot. The temperature of the room may vary over a different range in accordance with the variation in the atmospheric condition. The system is designed with two controllers-GA and PID. GA-PID system has resulted in more percentage saving in power, lower settling time, less overshoots and lower cost in comparison with conventional heater without the facility of wireless dimming. Heater will receive the information about the room temperature and set temperature through remote and constant temperature is maintained by automatic adjustment of control parameters KP, KI, KD using PID tuner and optimization of these parameters with GA. Optimized values has been implemented on real time heater node which comprises of dimmer, processing unit, RF modem and remote control consisting of switch array, RF modem, LCD display, temperature sensor and processing unit. The setup is simulated using Proteus and the control method is simulated using MATLAB. It is observed through experimental set up that the energy saving is upto12.11% as compared to conventional heater. The application will be in household, office premises, shopping complex/malls.

Keywords: GA, Heater, Intelligent Network, PID, Remote Control, RF Modem


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