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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 47, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Internet of Things: A Beginners’ Précis and Future Scope


Background/Objectives: The chief objective of this paper is to enlighten the society, especially youth and beginners, about the Internet of Things paradigm and its applications in various scenarios. Methods/Statistical analysis: The methodology adapted to study the objective and the various incorporating technologies is through extensive literature survey. Several journals, research papers, handbooks and published articles had been referred to during the course of elaboration of this paper. The Internet has been a valuable asset for the study of the emerging terminologies. Findings: The major findings from this study are mentioned - Applications of IoT: The Internet of Things finds its applications in various scenarios ranging from individual level, like as house security, utilities, and personalization to global level, like automated machines and systems, traffic monitoring system, smart rescue facilitation systems. Advantages and disadvantages of employment of IoT: The employment of IoT features the advantages like ubiquitous network, connected computing, reduction of efforts, and economy of energy and currency, whereas the disadvantages are privacy issues, compatibility issues, security threats and complexity. Challenges and Future scopes: The developments in IoT paradigm still face challenges like security of data, data management, and network architecture. The existence of these challenges breed the future scopes in the development of IoT based systems, like increased security, efficient data management, and enhanced architectures. The exposure to these findings shall spark new ideas towards overcoming the challenges faced in development and support the development of new IoT based systems. Application/Improvements: The purpose of this paper is also to cater these findings for future references for knowledge addition, and to give insights towards development of smart systems for a sustainable environment.

Keywords: Internet, Network, Sensors, Smart Systems, Things


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