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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 27, Pages: 1-6

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“M-Tailing” – The New Buzz Word in Retailing


Objectives: This paper is on the concept of M-Tailing wherein the power of the mobile phone technology is harnessed in retailing. With the exponential increase in communication technology and penetration of mobile phones, M-Tailing will be the future-retailing model. This paper traces the evolution of M-Tailing, the drivers, the hurdles and its future in the country. The explosive growth of E-commerce bodes well for the future of M-Tailing. The retail sector growth in today’s India is considered to be the major driver of M-Tailing India is seen today as the organized retail destination and the GRDI has placed India as number two developing retail market in the world. Organized retail and mall development have gone hand in hand in the country and today we have both large international and local companies making their foray into retail. One other driver is the changing Indian demographics. The increasing upward mobile urban youth market that is very tech savvy will be the future hunting ground for M-Tailers. Applications: The growth of mobile technology i.e. the launch of the 3G in India will be one of the key factors, which will further fuel the growth of M-Tailing. Every coin has the other side. The hurdles to M-Tailing are also examined in this paper. Findings: The paper concludes with what the future model should be and how retailers should design and develop their offering for the future. 
Keywords: E-Commerce, E-Retailing, Mobile Retailing, M-Tailing, Technology Transformation 


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