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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 33, Pages: 1-17

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Multiple Image Secret Sharing based on Linear System


Background/Objectives: To build a secure multiple secret image sharing system using multiple levels of security. Methods/ Analysis: In this paper a multiple secret image sharing based on linear system has been proposed which is performed (k, n) threshold scheme. The proposed system has been used a serial of security techniques to enhance security and reduce storage space to the generated shares. Firstly, the inputs images have been compressed to an attempt to minimize data loss without highly affect the image quality. Secondly, design a 64-bit random number generator by employing the RC5 encryption algorithm round functions with some changes in the usage of the key, where two keys have been used and an initial vector to start the sequence generator. Finally, a developing multiple image secret sharing has been used to generate shares. Finding: The developed sharing technique depends on a set of linear equations mixed with modular algebra where n shares have been generated from secure input images, and gathering more than k shares can be recover these secret images. The experimental results showed that the generated shares are more secure and unrelated. Also the results showed that the size of shares have been reduced to more than 1/4k of total sizes of all combined images. And the proposed diffuser flattens the histogram of every simple tested by it, and that proves the efficiency of it to work on every possible input. The overall execution time of the system is inacceptable range. Application/Improvements: The secret sharing scheme is an advanced cryptography branch that plays crucial role in defense passively, and it would be used to protect valuable or classified information and documents against dangers like robbery and illegal accesses. The improvement was the adding of multiple secret images instead of using one secret at a time.

Keywords: Block Cipher, Compression, Diffuser, Multiple Image Secret Sharing, Secret Sharing, Pseudo Random Generator


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