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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 31, Pages: 1-6

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Optimization of Bogie Frame in Indian Railway


Our project was carried out at “Integeral Coach Factory Chennai” at shell division in shop no 21. Our project is entitled as Optimization of Bogie Frame in Indian Railway. The bogie frame is an important and integral member of bogie. The main purpose of the bogie frame is to withstand and/or transfer the various forces acting on it. Each coach under frame requires two Body frame. An attempt to optimize the current conventional sleeper bogie frame and to compare already optimized Fiat bogie frame with the conventional bogie frame is done in this project. Optimization of the conventional sleeper frames is done by making changes in their side structural member’s cross section. Currently the side member in conventional sleeper frames are in shape of I section, which has been converted into channel section. Fiat bogie frames are currently imported in India from Germany. In this project we are recommending the usage of the better bogie frame in keeping the view of increased safety. This comparison will be made by analyzing the behavior of the frames under static load conditions using analysis software. Modeling and analysis will be done using PRO-E and ANSYS respectively. Both the frame will be first modeled using modeling software PRO-E. The solid model will be then imported to ANSYS by saving the file in IGES format. Using the boundary and load conditions, finite element analysis will be done. The results obtained for the frames will be compared to find the optimized model. In total, by adopting better frame which give less deflection and less induced stress value, the safety and operation at higher speed can be insured in addition to reduction of weight that happen in case of Fiat frame.
Keywords: ANSYS, Body Frame, Conventional Frame, Fiat Frame, H Beam, Indian Standard Column, I Section, Pro/e, Static Analysis


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