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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 45, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Predictive Factors of Health Conservation of Middle-Aged Women


Objectives: The objective of this research is to identify the relationship among health promoting behavior, perceived health status, depression, wisdom, and health conservation, clarify the factors that influence on health conservation, and provide fundamental resources for improvement of life and maintenance of health status of middle-aged women. Methods/Statistical Analysis: As for research design, it is the secondary data analysis research in the use of data of middle-aged women among resources collected for the influencing factors on health conservation of middle-aged adults by Lee & Kim. Subjects were 84 middle-aged women residing in the city of C or D. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, and stepwise multiple regression. Findings: there was a statistically significant correlation on health promoting behaviors and health conservation, perceived health status and health conservation, depression and health conservation, and wisdom and health preservation of middle-aged women. As for factors that influenced on health conservation, wisdom was 42.7% followed by 8.4% for health promoting behaviors, 3.4% for depression, and 2.8% for perceived health status. Total explanatory power on health conservation of them was 57.3%. Applications/Improvements: Considering wisdom, health promoting behaviors, perceived health status, and depression that were known as predictive factors for health conservation of middle-aged women, it is suggested to develop the nursing mediation for improving health conservation. Especially, wisdom of those in middle age was closely related to health. Depression was confirmed to be a variable to be dealt with for women unlike men. It is suggested to repeat the research about health conservation of middle-aged women to clarify predictive variables other than what was revealed in the results of this study. It is also recommended that nurses utilize results of this study in the practice in local community and help improve health conservation of middle-aged women. 

Keywords: Depression, Health Conservation, Health Promoting Behavior, Middle-Aged Women, Statistical Analysis, Wisdom 


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