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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 23, Pages: 1953-1960

Original Article

Recognition of Tablet using Blister Strip for Visually Impaired using SIFT Algorithm

Received Date:07 May 2021, Accepted Date:19 June 2021, Published Date:09 July 2021


Objectives: To create a tablet recognition system that recognizes and gives an audio output of the name of the tablet so that the visually impaired person may recognize it. Methods: In this, to create a user friendly system, such that a blind person does not require the help of another person to use it. These systems give medical assistive instrument to take the drug at the accurate time as per the doctor prescription and removes dependency on others for the visually challenged people. Various models were technologically advanced to compact with misidentification of remedies but are incompetent of formative exact pill picked by the person. Findings: The name of the medicine is obtained from the image. Then the name of the medicine is converted from text to speech using Google text to speech (gTTS). The proposed system will be helpful for visually challenged people, SQLite Database management system has been used along with Scale Invariant Feature Transform algorithm (SIFT) to identify and pronounce local features in the image. The image of the medicine given by the user is matched with the images in the database. Novelty: Developed a user-friendly voice based tablet recognition system for visually impaired people and this system is fast and accurate.


SIFT algorithm, medicine identification, visually impaired people, gTTS, Tablet Recognition


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