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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 28, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Structural Analysis of Horn used in Ultrasonic Enhanced Oil Recovery


Objectives: The study is conducted to perform the design analysis and modular analysis of the ultrasonic horn used in the ultrasonic enhanced oil recovery. The designing and the simulation platform of Solid Works and Ansys Multiphysics is considered respectively. Modular analysis and harmonic analysis are performed. The results from the above-mentioned analysis determine the natural frequency of the horn when attached to the Langevin type transducer. The maximum amplitude deduced from the analysis is plotted to define the range of natural frequencies of the system. Upon the results obtained, analysis is carried out in five horn designs using the mentioned parameters namely: Frequency, Amplitude, Amplification Factor, Length of Horn, Working Frequency of the system and material properties of the horn and elements. Mathematical expressions are also formulated and theoretical values are compared with the simulated values from Ansys Multiphysics. The horn with the higher Amplification factor and lower Von Mises Stress is considered. Methods: The designs are made in view with the basic horn designs i.e. cylinder, stepped and conical and mathematically calculated horn design i.e. exponential-1 and exponential-2. The material selection is done on the basis of the mechanical properties of a material. Upon concluding all the parameters, the final simulation of structural analysis is carried out which consists of two parts, i.e. Frequency Analysis and Harmonic Analysis. Findings: The mathematically calculated design i.e. exponential-1 and exponential-2 shows great deal of success in comparison to the basic horn design and with proper material selection. Application/Improvements: Prior to the results from comparison ofmechanical properties of materials used for the ultrasonic horn, TC4 (Ti6%-Al4%-V) is considered to be the best suited material for the horn used in Ultrasonic Enhanced Oil Recovery. The design analysis made us decide over the conventional design of the Langevin Transducer.

Keywords: FEA, Frequency and Harmonic Analysis, Horn, Langevin Transducer, Ultrasonic Enhanced Oil Recovery


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