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Volume 10, Issue 22, June 2017


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Potency of Sandfish (Holothuria scabra) Powder to Increase Sperm Quality and Sperm Quantity in Mice (Musmusculus)
Etty Riani, Syarifah Nurjanah, Khaswar Syamsu, Endang Gumbira-Said, Suprihatin , Kaseno , Muhammad Dzikrifishofa
Total views: 11
Contingency Approach to Mesonic Binding States by Boolean Matrix
Arezu Jahanshir
Total views: 8
Di-Mesonic Molecules Mass Spectra
Arezu Jahanshir
Total views: 12
The Effects of Individuals’ Economic and Time Resource on their Information Seeking Behavior: An Inter-Individual Analysis of Information Seeking
Mahuya Chakrabarty, Atanu Adhikari
Total views: 11
A Three Species Prey-Predator Holling Type-II Non- Autonomous Discrete Model
B. S. N. Murthy, M. A. S. Srinivas, Y. Narasimhulu
Total views: 5
Self Organized Quantum Key Authentication Technique for Secure Data Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
S. Sangeetha, S. Sathappan
Total views: 4
Key Predistribution for Heterogeneous Group of Sensor Nodes using Combinatorial Design
Monjul Saikia, Irani Acharjamayum, Anwar Hussain
Total views: 5
Chronological Change of Land Use/Land Cover of the Muhuri River Basin from 1972 to 2016, Tripura, North-East India
Jatan Debnath, Nibedita Das, Istak Ahmed, Moujuri Bhowmik
Total views: 4
Optimizing Decision Tree Through Attributes Generation Using Genetic Programming for Clinical Data
Narander Kumar, Savita Khatri
Total views: 8
An Impact on Software Code Changes: Ample Review
Babita Pathik, Meena Sharma
Total views: 4
Parameters Optimized Specifying for EDM with PM/ Conventional Electrodes on M2 Tool Steel using Taguchi and TOPSIS
Dinesh Kumar, Hoshiar Singh Payal, Naveen Beri
Total views: 9
Unproblematic Technique for EDMing of M2 Tool Steel with Unlike Electrodes for Licking the Multi Response Trouble
Dinesh Kumar, Hoshiar Singh Payal, Naveen Beri
Total views: 3
Energy Efficient ARABIC Unicode Reader Design on FPGA
Vatsala Anand, Amanpreet Kaur
Total views: 3
Rationale for Water Extraction of Lipophilic Azadirachtin ( Tetranor Triterpenoid) from Neem Seeds - A Conundrum
Shivaprakash Shivanna, A.C. Karunakara, Suvarna Shenvi, Anil Kush, G. Chandrasekara Reddy
Total views: 3
Ensuring QoS in Wireless Body Area Network: A Review
Rupinder Kaur, Rajeev Kumar Bedi, Sunil Kumar Gupta
Total views: 3
Adroit Buffer Augmentation for Reliable Video Transmission over WLAN
Mayank Patel, Naveen Choudhary
Total views: 4
A Low-Cost and Portable Apnea Detector for Healthcare System
Souvik Das
Total views: 11
Implementation of an 8-Bit Softcore Microcontroller on Xilinx Spartan FPGA Family
Julio Enrique Rodríguez Prieto, Edwar Jacinto Gómez, Fernando Martínez Santa
Total views: 20
Clinical Decision Support System for Assessment Coronary Heart Disease Based on Risk Factor
Wiharto Wiharto, Hari Kusnanto, Herianto Herianto
Total views: 7
Creating a Mobile Application based on a Model to Easily Locate Pharmacies in Urban Areas
Liliana Enciso-Quispe, Elmer Zelaya, Pablo Alejandro Quezada-Sarmiento
Total views: 13



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