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Volume 10, Issue 12, March 2017


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One Dimensional Transient State Finite Element Model to Study Thermal Variations due to Transient Vasoconstriction followed by Persistent Vasodilation during Inflammation in Surgical Wound of Peripheral Tissues of Human Limb
N. Gupta, M. Shakya
Total views: 63
An IND-CCA2 Secure Public Key Cryptographic Protocol using Suzuki 2-Group
Akshaykumar Meshram, Chandrashekhar Meshram, N. W. Khobragade
Total views: 30
Effects of Different Color Models in Hand Gesture Recognition
Ashwini Kumar Malviya, Meenu Chawla
Total views: 40
Recognizing Emotion in Text using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
Neeraj Kanger, Gourav Bathla
Total views: 14
Secure the Cloud Data Transmissionusing an Improved RSA Algorithm
R. Thilagavathy, A. Murugan
Total views: 16
On-Street Parking Demand Estimation in Urban CBD using FI and CF Model: A Case Study – Kolkata, India
D. Das, M. A. Ahmed
Total views: 18
An Ensemble Classifier Adopting Random Subspace Method based on Fuzzy Partial Mining
P. Kayal, S. Kannan
Total views: 3
Molecular Docking Assisted Isolation of Azadirachtin-A, from Seeds of Azadirachta indica Extract against Cervical Cancer
Tribhuvan Singh, Harvinder Singh Saini, S. V. Ranganayakulu, S. Ravi, K. Sudhakar
Total views: 30
Influence of Aeration on Vermicomposting of Pre-Processed Vegetable Waste
Senthilkumar Palaniappan, Murugappan Alagappan, Rajkumar Ramesh
Total views: 16
Do You Know Where Your Cloud Files Are? Improving Accuracy of Cloud Location Detection using Modified K-Medoid Algorithm
Kalpit G. Soni, Atul Patel
Total views: 12
Role of Events R-Tree in Knowledge Discovery Process for Spatio-Temporal Databases
Rainu Nandal, Rahul Rishi
Total views: 16
Confidential Data Access Control in Named Data Networking
N. Anusha, V. Hemanathan
Total views: 10
Study of Natural Ventilation Parameters on Buildings Inner Air Temperature
A. Kaddour, S. M. A. Bekkouche
Total views: 118
Bilateral Generating Functions Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Polynomials of Two Variables
P. L. Rama Kameswari, V. S. Bhagavan
Total views: 13
Optimization of ECG Peaks (Amplitude and Duration) in Predicting ECG Abnormality using Artificial Neural Network
Fakroul R. Hashim, Nik G. N. Daud, Anis S. N. Mokhtar, Amir F. Rashidi, Ja’afar Adnan, Khairol A. Ahmad
Total views: 18
A Study of Dimensional Accuracy on Die Sinking Electrical Discharge Machining of Ti-6AL-4V
Nurezayana Zainal, Azlan Mohd Zain, Safian Sharif, Haza Nuzly Abdul Hamed
Total views: 20
The Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index
Nur Ainina Awang, Siti Aida Sheikh Hussin, Zalina Zahid
Total views: 16
Information Technology Knowledge and Skills for Accounting Graduates: An Insight from Public Accounting Firms
S. M. Amirul, R. Mail, M. A. Abu Bakar, N. Ripain
Total views: 25
Mathematical Models for Network Card Packet Buffering Simulation
Okta Nurika, Mohd Fadzil Hassan, Nordin Zakaria, Low Tan Jung
Total views: 16
Online Application of Printed Jawi Character Recognition
Sayed Muchallil, Nazaruddin
Total views: 6
Comparison Online to Offline Handwritten Jawi Character Recognition Application
Nazaruddin , Sayed Muchallil
Total views: 9
Performance Comparison Online and Offline for Printed Jawi Character Recognition
Ahmadiar , Sayed Muchallil
Total views: 6
Experimental UWB based Efficient Breast Cancer Early Detection
V. Vijayasarveswari, M. Jusoh, S. Khatun
Total views: 7
Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks-Performance Analysis and Detection Methods
Radhika Baskar, P. C. Kishore Raja, Christeena Joseph, M. Reji
Total views: 8
Effect of Rh Addition to Ni/MgO-Al2O3 Catalysts for Dry Reforming of Methane
Marco Antonio Ocsachoque, Maria Silvia Leguizamon Aparicio, Maria Gloria Gonzalez
Total views: 6
Predicting Arterial Stiffness from Physiological Characteristics of Photoplethysmography Signals Quantified Through Second Derivative
S. Mohanalakshmi, A. Sivasubramanian, A. Swarnalatha
Total views: 20
Using Rasch Analysis to Identify Difficult Course Outcomes in Linear Algebra
N. Lohgheswary, Z. M. Nopiah, A. A. Aziz, E. Zakaria
Total views: 8
Suitability of Ambient-Cured Alccofine added Low-Calcium Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Concrete
Bharat Bhushan Jindal, Dhirendra Singhal, Sanjay K. Sharma, Parveen
Total views: 11
Formulation of Modified Variable Step Block Backward Differentiation Formulae for Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations
Asma Izzati Asnor, Siti Ainor Mohd Yatim, Zarina Bibi Ibrahim
Total views: 19
Design and Analysis of Numerical Interleaver for IDMA Schemes with Iterative Multi-User Detection
Shivani Dixit, Shubham Srivastava, M. Shukla
Total views: 44
A New Algorithm based on Shifted Legendre Polynomials for Fractional Partial Differential Equations
Afshan Kanwal, Phang Chang
Total views: 26
A Novel Algorithm based on Contourlet Transform for Extracting Paint Features to Determine Drawing Style and Authorship
Rabin Karki, Abeer Alsadoon, P. W. C. Prasad, A. M. S. Rahma, Amr Elchouemi
Total views: 199
Highly Secured Resource Monitoring in Outsourced Cloud Data Using Aggregated Cryptosystem
G. Sreeram, G. S. Anandhamala, G. V. Uma
Total views: 44
Assessment of Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Performance of an Exhaust Manifold through Simulation
K. Yogesh, Ananthesha , N. C. Mahendra Babu
Total views: 2



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