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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Publication fees

Authors are required to pay Article processing Charge (APC) (not at the time of submission) after peer review and acceptance. The fee contributes to the handling/ editorial/ production costs towards open access publication and hence non-refundable.

India: INR 12000
Foreign: USD 250

Indian Authors:

For Author to contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Payment through Bank:
A/C Name (payable to): “Indian Society for Education and Environment”
Account no: 50100113308303
Name of the Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd.
BRANCH:Adyar Gandhi Nagar
BR.CODE: 4297
MICR code: 600240105
IFSC No: HDFC0004297

For International Authors:

By PayPal
Paypal email ID: [email protected]
Beneficiary Name: Indian Society for Education and Environment

By Wire Transfer
Account Type: SB-Institution
City: Chennai
Country: India
Address of the Bank branch:
HDFC Bank Ltd.,
Sreela Terrace, No 105,
First Main Road (Near Adyar Flyover),
Gandhi Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai-600020,
Ph:+91-9840673333, +91402080054


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