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Lean Supply Chain Performance Metrics for the better Manufacturing Process


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan - 573202, Karnataka, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumakuru - 572103, Karnataka, India
  • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumakuru - 572103, Karnataka, India


Manufacturing sectors are facing more problems due to globalization; especially in cases of SMEs (Small and Medium scale Enterprises) are struggling against consistency and competitiveness in market. They want more challenges in the field of production and marketing areas for the product accuracy and quality. Maintaining the machine tools with minimum waste in manufacturing process and identifying supply chain problems in supply line activities are the most essential factor for the employers. In this regard, the evidences of many authors’ views, the lean supply chain techniques and their tools have helped more in manufacturing and service enterprises in the areas of operations and work processes. But taking the help of efficient lean supply chain performance measures and advanced inspection technologies for the betterment of productivity are also an important criterion. Assortment is a leading indicator for a manufacturing system. Which is the process of measuring product efficiency, effectiveness and capability against the standard norms fixed by the organization in time based aspect. In this work we discussed the lean supply chain performance importance, application and their effectiveness which are useful for the current manufacturing trends.


Lean Supply Chain Performance Metrics, Performance Indicators, Productivity Measurement

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