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A Hierarchical Approach to Home Energy Management Systems


  • Department of Electronic Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro 76062, Pakistan


Objectives: This paper depicts an execution strategy of HEMS (Home Energy Management System) in light of Wi-Fi and RF Communication. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper presents architecture of HEMS keeping in view the Smart City infrastructure. Through proposed HEMS the user can remotely control their home appliances using an Android App. This system also has features for scheduled controlling of devices. The user can set the device to turn ON and OFF at specified times. Findings: The proposed system is of less-cost, robust in operation while providing an easy to use interface for saving energy. The system is found to be reliable in tests conducted and upgradability provision allows for its adaptation for the control of any number of home appliances. Application/Improvements: The current system can be improved by incorporating more appliances and providing more information such as power consumption etc. to the end user.


Home Energy Management System (HEMS), Scheduled control, Smart Cities, Wi-Fi.

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