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A Comparison and Benchmarking on Data Storage and Query Retrieval for Native XML Databases


  • Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Jalan Multimedia, 63100 Cyberjaya, Malaysia


Objectives: Native XML Databases (NXD) is one of the technologies for storing and retrieving XML documents. Basically, a good database should cater for efficient storage and fast retrieval. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In NXD, it creates a logical model to store and retrieve XML documents with no mapping required. In another words, the storage and retrieval operation are most optimized in its native format. Findings: NativeGine is a simulation engine to compare the performances of three existing open source native XML database products through handling several basic database operations. In distinct, Xindice, eXist and Sedna will be examined in terms of storing and query retrieval speed. Based on the results obtained, Sedna has the best performance for database creation and data insertion. Yet, eXist gains the outstanding performance on query retrieval as it has the minimum response time for all types of queries. Application/Improvements: The results generated by the engine are beneficial to aid the community to choose the appropriate database system.


Benchmarking, Database, Data Storage, Native XML Query Evaluation, Performance Evaluation.

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