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Impact of Qos Mechanisms on the Performance of Dynamic Web Services in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (802.11e and 802.16e)


  • Laboratory SSDIA, ENSET Mohammedia, University Hassan II, Casablanca, 9167Morocco
  • Laboratory LTI, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, 9167Morocco


The quality of service in heterogeneous wireless networks is increasingly demanded by customers and by Internet access providers. This paper studies and evaluates the impact of quality of service and the improvements induced on web-oriented services. The heterogeneous wireless networks studied in this paper are: 802.11e and 802.16e. Several scientific research work has been conducted evaluating the performance of heterogeneous wireless networks taking into account the quality of service. According to our research, no work has been done taking into account the convergence of two networks with mobility constraints. This study carried out under OPNET Modeler 14.5, varying the 802.11e QoS mechanisms (DCF, PCF, HCCA, EDCA) and 802.16e (Best Effort, nRTPS). The criteria of evaluation are: TCP delay, TCP retransmission count, HTTP Response and Database Page Response Time.


802.11e, 802.16e, Database, HTTP, OPNET Modeler, QoS, SMTP, Web-Based

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