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A Mixed Methodological Study of Integrated Case Management: Improving Partnership between Public and Private Sectors


  • Department of Social Welfare, Cheongju University, Korea, Republic of
  • Planning & Research Team, Cheongju Welfare Foundation, Korea, Republic of


Korea's experience with reform of its social service delivery system at the national level inevitably suggests that a new form of networking structure is indispensable for an improved social service delivery. This network, in social work practice, refers to a partnership between various social service agencies, including both private and public sector agencies. While these agencies unfortunately have minimal shared budgetary characteristics, they share trained manpower, and a wide range of available services and networks, and thus benefit from a close relationship. Using mixed methodology, this study was intended to understand the extent of current networking between various social service agencies and to learn about social workers' experiences in this emerging networking paradigm, with particular focus on learning about barriers to integrated case management in the social work field, where an aggressive collaboration between both public and private sectors is important yet presently absent. Findings from qualitative analyses fall into the following three overarching themes, which are also supported by quantitative outcomes: (1) consensus on the need for an integrated case management in social work; (2) the existence of major barriers hindering efficient collaboration; and (3) strategies for improved practice outcomes. Implications include the need to: (1) establish a more intensive supervision system; (2) build a healthy relationship that bridges the communication gap between the public and private sectors; (3) improve community leaders' understanding of the urgent necessity for integrated case management; (4) co-develop and share local resources across public and private sectors; and (5) establish a functional organization that can play an important role as a control tower in assisting integrated case management efforts.


Barriers, Integrated Case Management, Mixed Methodology, Public and Private Sector.

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