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Evaluating Energy and Exergy Efficiencies in Transportation Sector of Iran


  • Department of Mechanics, Yadegar-e-Imam Shahr Rey Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Considering the increasing energy demands, energy has gained an important role in planning and policies of many countries. This study presented the status of overall energy consumption in the transportation sector of Iran. According to most of the recently issued statistics, the annual transportation energy consumption of Iran is more than 296×106 barrels of oil equivalent, which is about 25% of Iran’s total annual energy consumption. So, it is logical to analyze energy consumption in transportation sector for the purpose of better planning. Statistics of energy consumption in Iran’s transportation sector was presented for a period of 24 years (1988 to 2011) in this paper. Different transportation sub-sectors (highways, airways, railways, and waterways) and different energy forms were considered separately in the presented statistics. Using these data, energy and exergy efficiencies of the transportation sector were derived. Analyzing the efficiency values in the mentioned 24 year period resulted in concluding some considerable points, which could be used in Iran’s transportation principle policies in the future.


Efficiency, Energy, Exergy, Transportation

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