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A Development of Black Box for Vehicle using Android Platform


  • Department of Self-designed and Open Majors, Gwangju University, Gwangju - 503 703, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Industrial Technology and Management, Gwangju University, Gwangju - 503-703, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Cyber Security and Police, Gwangju University, Gwangju - 503-703, Korea, Republic of


This study researched on the convergence system of Bluetooth 3.0 technology and Android application including image security technology. By using the independent network of Bluetooth, this system is not only capable of storing images in case of occurring events but also capable of transmitting images. A Bluetooth technology for vehicle camera used in ITS or intelligent car is adapted. To memorize and monitor the information of happenings inside or outside of a vehicle, the camera module is designed and performed. A vehicle black box applied Android application for a smart mobile phone and Android system was developed. The system of a vehicle camera test is also setting up.


Black Box, Bluetooth Introduction, Camera, Image Compression

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