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A Conceptual Business Model to Improve the Environment for Small and Medium Businesses


  • Sama Technical and Vocational Training College, Tehran Branch (Tehran), Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iceland


Given that one of the prerequisites for improving business in the country is efforts to stabilize the economy and over 95% of the economy agencies in the world consist of small and medium businesses, these firms can be a good option. In this regard, a proper competitive position for the company can be achieved only with the help of a suitable business model. A successful business model represents a better path than the other options that can offer more value to a distinct group of customers and bring greater benefits to the company. The ability of a business model can be a powerful tool for analyzing, testing and evaluating of strategic choices facing an organization. Testing and evaluation of models should be carried out constantly and repeatedly and it should be the basis for continuous improvement of the business model and lead to serious and innovative changes in the model. Rapid changes in the economic, cultural, political and technological environment resulting in a complex operating environment and the instability of organizations and brought about dynamic evolution of businesses. This led to unstable situation of business models and its modification over the passage of time. In this study, research background, business models, business indicators, differences between small and medium enterprises with large firms, a variety of business models in various industries, business model evaluation and modeling are analyzed by using library resources through analytical-descriptive framework and at the end, the conceptual model is presented due to factors affecting the business environment.


Business Environment Improvement, Business Model, Business Model Evaluation, Business Model Innovation, Modeling

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