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A Comparative Analysis of Security Methods for DDoS Attacks in the Cloud Computing Environment


  • School of Computing Science and Engineering, VIT University Chennai - 600127, Tamil Nadu, India


Cloud security is of the major concern in the deployment and protection of cloud deployment models. In this paper, detailed investigations on the recent DDoS attacks and comparative analysis of the various DDoS security solutions in the cloud computing environment are carried out. The comprehensive study of the cloud DDoS solutions clearly exemplifies the techniques, deployment layer, benchmark datasets, tools and performance metrics. The Cloud DDoS Detection and defense model using learning algorithms is designed to protect the cloud infrastructure considering the pitfalls in the existing procedures for real world problems. The model is based on anomaly detection and thus it is capable of protecting the public/private cloud from zero-day attacks. The availability of the cloud applications is improved significantly by defending cloud DDoS attacks and offers high quality of services to the legitimate users.


Cloud Computing, DDoS, Detection, Defense, Security.

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