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Volume 10, Issue 26, July 2017


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A Comparative Study of Metaheuristics based Task Scheduling in Distributed Environment
Sunil Kumar, Sumit Mittal, Manpreet Singh
Total views: 202
Production of KMnO4 Modified Activated Carbon Fiber Filter from Pineapple Leaf Carbon Fiber for Fe3+ and Ca2+ Ions Adsorption
Sumrit Mopoung, Pornsawan Amornsakchai
Total views: 86
Sustainable Energy in Latin America: Regional Development Through the CDM
E. A. Duque, J. D. González, A. Pena, H. A. Patino, J. C. Restrepo
Total views: 66
Simulation and Modeling of a Photovoltaic Pumping Installation by Bond Graph
Hamdouni Belgacem, Riahi Jamel, Dhafer Mezghanni, Mami Abdelkader
Total views: 118
A Novel Smart Home Energy Management System: Architecture and Optimization Model
Ramón Alvarez, Jose Araque, Javier E. Sierra
Total views: 69
Correlation of Symphysio Fundal Height, Abdominal Girth and Ultrasound with Gestational Age
R. Tillak Raaj, M. Aruna, A. Shahana Ikhlas, R. Priya Dharshini, N. Hephzibah Kirubamani
Total views: 44
Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Indirect Pulp Capping Agents in Very Deep Carious Lesions: Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis
M . K. Omnia Magdy, Mohamed R. Farid, Rasha Raafat
Total views: 50
Active Salient Component Classifier System on Local Features for Image Retrieval
S. Janarthanam, S. Sukumaran, M. Shanthakumar
Total views: 50
Implementation of Histogram Based Image Fusion Technique for Underwater Image Enhancement in Reconfigurable Platform
S. M. Alex Raj, N. Khadeeja, M. H. Supriya
Total views: 45
Teaching Tool for Digital Control and Signal Processing Generating Automatic Code for FPGA’s
Edilberto Carlos Vivas Gonzalez, Diego Mauricio Rivera, Edwar Jacinto
Total views: 41
Empirical Analysis of Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Small Scale Industrial Cluster
Anil Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Balkar Singh
Total views: 46
Long Term Electrical Load Forecasting: An Empirical Study across Techniques and Domains
Sujit Kumar Panda, Sachi Nandan Mohanty, Alok Kumar Jagadev
Total views: 43
Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Plastic Modified Bitumen
Jwala Bishnoi, Vikram Dhillon, Himanshu Monga
Total views: 43
Modified Data Duplication Algorithm to Minimize the Redudancy of Data in Medical Database
M. Rameshkumar, V. Lakshmipraba
Total views: 47
An Enhanced Approach of MIMO-OFDM Data Transfer by Varying User Location Optimized by Machine and AI Learning
Kavita Devi, Rajneesh Talwar
Total views: 46
Parametric Analysis and Optimization of Closed Die Forging of Gear Blank
Jasleen Kaur, B. S. Pabla, S. S. Dhami
Total views: 59
Case Study on the Repair and Rehablitation of G+3 Residential Appartment Located Near Sea Shore, Tamil Nadu, India
R. Vijayalakshmi, S. Ramanagopal, R. Sathia, R. Arvindh Raj
Total views: 44
A Survey of SCADA Testbed Implementation Approaches
Qais Qassim, Norziana Jamil, Izham Zainal Abidin, Mohd. Ezanee Rusli, Salman Yussof, Roslan Ismail, Fairuz Abdullah, Norhamadi Ja’afar, Hafizah Che Hasan, Maslina Daud
Total views: 62
Wireless Networks Throughput Enhancement Using Artificial Intelligence
Shabir Ahmad, Rana Muhammad Nadeem, Bilal Ehsan, Mohib Ullah, Abu Buker Siddique
Total views: 67
Event Image Archive using Codebook Generation
S. Regina Lourdhu Suganthi, M. Hanumanthappa
Total views: 22
Carbon Footprints Assessment of RBI Grade 81 Stabilized Pavements using Life-Cycle Approach
Gaurav Gupta, Hemant Sood, Pardeep Kumar Gupta
Total views: 20
On the Cultural Diversity of Multi-National ICT Organizations: A Review Study
Sadiah Zafar, Muhammad Atif, Muhammad Adnan Hashmi, Tabbasum Naz
Total views: 27



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