Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2009

Table of Contents


The Correct Theory of Photon Gas  | 
Temur Z. Kalanov 1-10
Multiparameter Segmentation and Quantization of Brain Tumor from MRI Images  | 
Rajeev Ratan, Sanjay Sharma, S. K. Sharma 11-15
Detecting a Denial of Service Using Artificial Intelligent Tools, Genetic Algorithm  | 
Maath. K. Al-anni, V. Sundarajan 16-21
Drug Designing for Ring Finger Protein 110 Involved in Adenocarcinoma (Human Breast Cancer) Using Casuarinin Extracted from Terminalia arjuna  | 
V. Brindha, A. Saravanan, R. Manimekalai 22-26
Meiosis in Nine Species of Jute (Corchorus)  | 
Susmita Maity, Animesh Kumar Datta 27-29
Floral Biology of Impatiens trichocarpa Hook. f., (Balsaminaceae) an endemic Balsam of Western Ghats  | 
S. K. Kulloli, A. K. Sreekala, A. G. Pandurangan 30-34
Nitrate Accumulation, Growth and Leaf Quality of Spinach Beet (Beta vulgaris Linn.) as Affected by NPK Fertilization with Special Reference to Potassium  | 
Sumeet Gairola, Shahid Umar, Sanghmitra Suryapani 35-40
Antibacterial Activity of Tannins from the Leaves of Solanum trilobatum Linn.  | 
A. Doss, H. Mohammed Mubarack, R. Dhanabalan 41-43
Investigations on the Structural, Mechanical and Photoconductive Studies of Pure and Lanthanum Doped Potassium Pentaborate Single Crystals  | 
B. Munirathnam, J. Madhavan 44-45
Analysis on Renal Failure Patients Blood Samples: Characterization and Efficacy Study  | 
T. S. Renuga Devi, S. Gunasekaran, J. Wesley Hudson, I. Sarone Angelah Joybell 46-50
A Comparative Study on the Microbiological and Chemical Composition of Cow Milk from Different Locations in Madurai, Tamil Nadu  | 
S. Lingathurai, P. Vellathurai, S. Ezil Vendan, A. Alwin Prem Anand 51-54
Demand for Public vs. Private Livestock Services in South India: a Double Hurdle Analysis  | 
G. Kathiravan, M. Thirunavukkarasu, R. Arumugam, C. Manivannan 55-62
The Removal of Copper Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Phosphoric Acid Modified β- Zeolites  | 
P. Panneerselvam, V. Sathya Selva Bala, K. V. Thiruvengadaravi, J. Nandagopal, M. Palanichamy, S. Sivanesan 63-66
Simulation and Analysis of Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive  | 
G. Pandian, S. Rama Reddy 67-69
Neural Network Controller Based Induction Generator for Wind Turbine Applications  | 
L. Rajaji, C. Kumar 70-74
Anti-inflammatory Potential of Coral Reef Associated Gastropod, Drupa Margariticola  | 
C. Chellaram, J. K. P. Edward 75-77
Zincon Polymer as a New Modifier for Selective Separation and Determination of Copper and Zinc from Synthetic, Water and Drug Samples  | 
Adel M. El-Menshawy, Ahmed A. El-Asmy 78-84

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