Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009

Table of Contents


Assessment of Proliferative Index and its Association with Ki-67 Antigen Molecule Expression in Nodular Hyperplasia of Prostate  | 
Srikumar Chakravarthi, P. Thanikachalam, H. S. Nagaraja, David Low Wee Yang, Nadeem Irfan Bukhari 1-4
Design and Application of Nano Silver Based Pou Appliances for Disinfection of Drinking Water  | 
B. Nagarajan, G. B. Jaiprakashnarain 5-8
An Approach in Improving Transposition Cipher System  | 
Massoud Sokouti, Babak Sokouti, Saeid Pashazadeh 9-15
In vitro Studies on Bactericidal Activity and Sensitivity Pattern of Isolated Marine Microalgae against Selective Human Bacterial Pathogens  | 
K. P. Srinivasakumar, M. Rajashekhar 16-23
In-vitro Callus Induction and Shoot Regeneration in Ipomoea obscura (l.): Potent Indian Medicinal Plant  | 
A. Mungole, R. Awati, S. Dey, A. Chaturvedi, P. Zanwar 24-26
Non-linear Characterization and Optical Limiting Effect of Carmine Dye  | 
R. K. Rekha, A. Ramalingam 27-31
An Intelligent Tool for the Characterization of Anaemic Blood and to Find the Therapeutic Effect of Erythropoietin Using Spectral Data  | 
S. Djodilatchoumy, N. Rama, S. Gunasekaran 32-34
Solution Structure, Stability and Transitions of Non-isothermal Flow through a Curved Rectangular Duct  | 
R. N. Mondal, N. Islam, L. E. Ali, A. K. Datta 35-42
Design and Performance Analysis of MLP NN Based Binary Classifier for Heart Diseases  | 
Ranjana Raut, S. V. Dudul 43-48
Performance Analysis of SAC Based Non-coherent Optical CDMA System for OOC with Variable Data Rates under Noisy Environment  | 
Indu Bala, Vanita Rana 49-52
Micromass Culture: a Recent in vitro System for Testing Embryotoxic Potential of Chemicals  | 
Poonam Singh, Neeraj Sinha, R. K. Singh 53-56
Biosorption of Zn(II), Cu(II) and Cr(VI) from Textile Dye Effluent Using Activated Coconut Fiber  | 
K. Gopalakrishnan, T. Jeyadoss, V. Manivannan 1-4
Service Orientation - a New Dimension with Educational Institutions  | 
R. Kamatchi 61-64
A Possible Solution for the Repair of a Futuristic Mars Suit Using Nanorobots  | 
Gautham Dharuman 65-72

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