Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2010

Table of Contents


Internal Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Real Time Signal Processing on FPGA  | 
Sheetal U. Bhandari, Shaila Subbaraman, Shashank Pujari, Rashmi Mahajan 365-368
Kerfs Width Analysis for Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machining of SS 304L Using Design of Experiments  | 
Vishal Parashar, A. Rehman, J. L. Bhagoria, Y. M. Puri 369-373
Effect of Orifice and Pressure of Counter Flow Vortex Tube  | 
J. Prabakaran, S. Vaidyanathan 374-376
Production and Characterization of Pectinase Enzyme from Penicillium chrysogenum  | 
A. Rasheedha Banu, M. Kalpana Devi, G. R. Gnanaprabhal, B. V. Pradeep, M. Palaniswamy 377-381
A Comparative Study of Pre and Post Vaccinated Sera Samples of Bovine Using FTIR Spectral Analysis  | 
A. Rajalakshmi, S. Gunasekaran, T. S. Renuga Devi 382-386
Simulation of CI Engine Powered by Neat Vegetable Oil under Variable Fuel Inlet Temperature  | 
M. Nematullah Nasim, Ravindra Babu Yarasu, Jehad Yamin 387-392
Novel FTLR NN Model with Gamma Memory Filter for Identification of a Typical Magnetic Stirrer  | 
S. N. Naikwad, S. V. Dudul 393-397
Thermal Radiation on Linearly Accelerated Vertical Plate with Variable Temperature and Uniform Mass Flux  | 
M. Muralidharan, R. Muthucumaraswamy 398-401
A Multilayered Architecture for Hiding Executable Files in 3D Images  | 
P. Mohan Kumar, K. L. Shunmuganathan 402-407
Adsorptive Removal of Megenta MB Cold Brand Reactive Dye by Modified Activated Carbons Derived from Agricultural Waste  | 
C. Parvathi, T. Maruthavanan 408-410
optimization of Fusaric Acid Production by Fusarium oxysporum f Sp. Lycopersici Using Response Surface Methodology  | 
Pritesh Parmar, Vishal P. Oza, R. B. Subramanian 411-416
An Approach to Converge Communication and Radar Technologies for Intelligent Transportation System  | 
D. Kandar, S. N. Sur, D. Bhaskar, A. Guchhait, R. Bera, C. K. Sarkar 417-421
Evolutionary Gene Expression of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Water Snakes Cerberus rhynchops and Xenochrophis piscator  | 
P. Senthilkumaar, V. Kalyanaraman 422-424
Design, Optimisation and Performance Analysis of Orifice Pulse Tube Cryogenic Refrigerators  | 
B. Jayaraman, P. Senthil Kumar 425-436
Design and Selection of Facility Layout Using Simulation and Design of Experiments  | 
R. Jayachitra, P. S. S. Prasad 437-446
Yttrium Ferrite Based Circularly Polarized Triangular Patch Array Antenna  | 
Dheeraj Kumar, P. K. S. Pourush 447-449
Evaluation of Physical Characteristics Using Geomatics: a Case Study  | 
S. S. Asadi, C. H. Hanumantha Rao, T. Lakshmi Prasad, M. Anji Reddy 450-454
Retrofitting of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Trainer by an Eco-friendly Refrigerant  | 
Alka Bani Agrawal, Vipin Shrivastava 455-458
FPGA implementation of improved version of the Vigenere cipher  | 
Massoud Sokouti, Babak Sokouti, Saeid Pashazadeh, Leili Mohammad Khanli 459-462
Performance Analysis on Modeling of Loop Heat Pipes Using Artificial Neural Networks  | 
A. Latha, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, J. Chandra Sekhara Rao, A. V. Sita Rama Raju 463-467
Impact of Information Technology on Society: Visakhapatnam in India as a Case Study  | 
Ch. Seetha Ram 475-482
Black Holes and the LHC  | 
S. Sahoo 483-486
Application of GIS in Temperature Management  | 
Gholam Reza Janbaz Ghobadi, Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti 487-489


Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) as an Alternative to Mammalian Antibodies  | 
A. Michael, S. Meenatchisundaram, G. Parameswari, T. Subbraj, R. Selvakumaran, S. Ramalingam 468-474

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