Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2013

Table of Contents


A Study and Evaluation on a Homemade Copper Hollow Cathode Discharge Laser and Designed Pulsed Power Supply Parameters  | 
Wafa Salih Abdelrahman, Abdelrazig Mohamed Abdelbagi 3977-3980
Low Amount Expression of Ku 70 Protein Related to Radiation-induced Chromosome Instability and Radiosensitivity in Normal Lymphocytes, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Cell Lines  | 
K. Tanaka, T . S. Kumaravel, N. Gajendran 3981-3989
Optimal Designing of Power System Stabilizers Using Differential Evolutionary Algorithm to Omit Inter-area Oscillations  | 
Sajad Tabatabaee, Mahmood Joorabian 3990-3995
A New Method for Classifying Corneal Data  | 
Payam Porkar Rezaeiye, Marsa Rayani, Mohammad Iman Ghiasi, Mohammad Reza Amini 3996-3998
An Effcient Method for Extracting Lutein from Indian Medicinal Plant Commelina benghalensis. A Comparative Study on Solvents Efficiency  | 
T. M. Vatsala, R. Rekha 3999-4005
Using Smoothed Playout Delay for Improving Video Quality over EDCA  | 
Mohammad Mahdi Motahhari Kia, Marsa Rayani, Seyyed Hossein Raja, Mohammad Iman Ghiasi 4006-4014
The Role of Cosmotic Adjustment On Drought Stress of Some Olive Cultivars  | 
M. M. Zarrabi, S. Hajivand, R. Hosseini, A. Sotoodehnia 4015-4020
An Investigation of the Enterprise Resource Planning Acceptance Drivers by Path Analysis  | 
M. Shahsavari, S. M. Sajadi 4021-4028
The Investigation of the Sistan River Morphology Using Rosgen Classification  | 
Naser Hafezi Moghaddas, Reza Jalilvand, Hamid Reza Soloki 4029-4034
Use of Multi-criteria Evaluation and Geographic Information Systems for Water Resources Management: case of Bâoulé Basin (North-West of Côte d'Ivoire).  | 
Naga Coulibaly, Lacina Coulibaly, Smita Sengupta, Issiaka Savanna, Bellur Umesh 4035-4040
On some Metacycli cp-groups and their Nonabelian Tensor Square  | 
A. M. Basri, N. H. Sarmin, N. M. Mohd Ali, J. R. Beuerle 4041-4044
Intrusion Detection System to Detect DDoS Attack in Gnutella Hybrid P2P Network  | 
Mueen Uddin, Raed Alsaqour, Maha Abdelhaq 4045-4057
Comparison of Growth and Wood Production of Populus deltoides and Paulownia fortunei in Guilan Province (Iran)  | 
Iraj Hassanzad Navroodi 4058-4062
A Novel Association Rule Hiding Approach in OLAP Data Cubes  | 
Mohammad Naderi Dehkordi 4063-4075
Alteration of Bentonite from Ughelli by Nitric Acid Activation: Kinetics and Physicochemical Properties  | 
R. O. Ajemba 4076-4083
Foldings and Deformation Retractions of Hypercylinder  | 
A. E. El-Ahmady, N. Al-Hazmi 4084-4093
Investigation on Turning of AISI H13 with Applying Minimum Quantity of Lubricant  | 
Mostafa Hadi 4094-4097
On Some Generalizations of the Hilbert-Hardy Type Integral Inequalities  | 
S. A. A. El-Marouf 4098-4111
Estimation of Sediment Transport in Rivers Using CCHE2D Model(case Study: Karkheh River)  | 
Amir Abbas Kamanbedast, Reza Nasrollahpour, Mahdi Mashal 4112-4115
A Geometric Method in Data Envelopment Analysis to Obtain the Region of Efficiency  | 
S. Kordrostami, S. Pourjafar, H. Pourjafar 4116-4122
The Study of High Speed Turning Using MQL  | 
Navid Javam 4123-4127
Review on Current Research Trends in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM)  | 
Danial Ghodsiyeh, Abolfazl Golshan, Jamal Azimi Shirvanehdeh 4128-4140
Newton's Law of Gravity-based Search Algorithms  | 
S. Raja Balachandar, K. Kannan 4141-4150
Indo-German Collaborative Research during 2004-09: an Quantitative Assessment  | 
B. M. Gupta, Torsten Fischer 4141-4165

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