Volume 4, Issue S8, August 2011

VIII. Fish Biotechnology

Table of Contents

Concluding Remarks

Recent Progress in the Study of Fish Reproductive Physiology  | 
Z. Yaron 317-317

Conference Proceedings

Fish Gonadotropin Agonists: Applications in Assisted Reproductive Technologies  | 
H. Rosenfeld, V. Zlatnikov, I. Meiri-Ashkenazi 272-273
Advancement of the Onset of Puberty in Seriola lalandi by Chronic Treatment with Kiss Peptides  | 
A. Elizur, J. N. Nocillado, J. Biran, B. Sivan, Y. Zohar 274-275
Freshwater Aquaculture in India: Trends and Prospects  | 
J. K. Jena 276-276
Germ Cell Transplantation in Marine Fish  | 
G. Yoshizaki, R. Yazawa, G. Iwata, Y. Takeuchi, T. Morita, T. Mitsuboshi 277-278
Mechanism of Oocyte Maturation and Ovulation, and its Application to Seed Production in the Japanese Eel  | 
H. Kagawa, Y. Sakurai, Y. Kazeto, K. Gen, H. Imaizumi, Y. Masuda 279-280
The Proteomic and Antoxidant Responses of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio, L.) Sperm Caused by Cryopreservation Technigues  | 
P. Li, M. Hula, B. Dzyuba, M. Rodin, Z. H. Li, S. Boryshpolets, D. Gela, O. Linhart 281-282
Transgenerational Knockdown of DMY in Medaka, Oryzias latipes  | 
T. Chakraborty, L. Y. Zhou, T. Iguchi, Y. Nagahama 283-284
Investigation of Potential Molecular Markers and Approaches to Characterize and Isolate Spermatogonial Stem Cells in the Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)  | 
S. M. S. N. Lacerda, G. M. J. Costa, P. H. A. Campos Jr., J. V. Rezende-Neto, M-C. Hofmann, L. R. Franaca 285-286
Sexual Dimorphism on the Morphometric Characteristics of Pink Skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion perideraion  | 
A. B. Abol-Munafi, S. Sarmiza, N. H. Norazmi-Lokman, M. Y. Abduh 287-288
Controlled Breeding and Seed Production of Salt Water Fishes - Status, Prospects and Problems in India  | 
A. R. T. Arasu, M. Kailasam, J. K. Sundaray, R. Subburaju, G. Thiagarajan 289-289
Sperm Motility Multiple Activations: Physiological Background and Practical Use in Aquaculture  | 
S. Boryshpolets, B. Dzyuba, M. Rodina, O. Linhart 290-291
Climate Change and Fisheries in Africa: Issues and Challenges  | 
F. J. Fawole 292-293
Out-of-season Spawning of Threatened Weatherfish Misgurnus Fossilis (L. 1758) Using Commercial Preparations Containing GnRH Analogues  | 
P. Hliwa, S. Krejszeff, J. Król, K. Kozlowski, P. Gomulka 294-294
Construction of EST Database from Ovaries of Wild Maturing Eels  | 
S. Ijiri, K. Tsukamoto, S. Chow, H. Kurogi, K. Gen, H. Tanaka, S. Adachi 295-296
Poor Reproductive Success in a Swedish Arctic Charr Broodstock - Biological or Environmental Effect?  | 
H. Jeuthe, J. Nilsson, E. Brannas 297-297
How Physiological Status and Immune Defense are Affected by Photo-thermal Regimes and Domestication Process in Captive Eurasian Perch?  | 
S. N. M. Mandiki, E. Henrotte, S. Milla, J. Douxfils, N. Wang, C. Rougeot, M. Vandecan, C. Maclard, P. Kestemont 298-299
Long Term Effects of Masculinizing Treatments on the Reproductive Characteristics of Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus)  | 
I. Meiri-Ashkenazi, R. Solomonovich, H. Rosenfeld 300-301
Dietary Levels and Metabolic Pathways of Arachidonic Acid possibly Associated with Reproductive Dysfunctions in Senegalese Sole (Solea senegalensis)  | 
F. Norambuena, S. Morais, A. Callol, S. Mackenzie, J. G. Bell, A. Estavez, D. R. Tocher, N. Duncan 302-303
Morphometric Characteristics Analysis between the Male and Female of Protandrous False Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris  | 
N. H. Norazmi-Lokman, A. B. Abol-Munafi, N. A. Asma 304-305
Isolation of Sturgeon Primordial Gonocytes and Spermatogonia as Material for Biotechnology  | 
M. Psenicka, T. Saito, T. Fujimoto, K. Arai, E. Yamaha 306-307
Cryopreservation of Male Gonad of Carps, Labeo calbasu and Labeo rohita for Long Term Storage and its Utilization in Aquaculture  | 
A. D. Sahu, C. Bhol, P. Routray, J. K. Sundaray 308-309
Growth Response of Fringed Lipped Carp, Labeo fimbriatus (day) to a Soya Product, Nutripro Aqua  | 
D. Sherly, C. Sambhu, V. Jayaprakas 310-311
LHRHa-induced Spawning of the Eastern Little Tuna Euthynnus Affinis in a 70-m3 Land-based Tank  | 
Y. Takeuchi, K. Sato, R. Yazawa, H. Yoshikawa, G. Iwata, N. Kabeya, S. Shimizu, G. Yoshizaki 312-312
After Six Years of Storefish: Assessment and Perspectives  | 
F. Teletchea, P. Fontaine 313-314
Optimization of Growth Conditions for in vitro Culture of Fish Embryonic Stem Cells  | 
S. Tripathy, A. D. Sahu, C. Dash, P. Routray 315-316

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